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Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / OEM sound equipment replacement project
« on: September 11, 2021, 03:19:42 pm »

Adaptation of the mechanical part of the sound equipment

We access the glove compartment under the pilot's seat

We open the glove compartment of the stereo

We cut the glove box enough to fit the sound equipment to be installed

We are looking for a thin aluminum sheet

We cut the aluminum sheet to fit the new sound system and cover part of the holes in the glove compartment

We paint the aluminum sheet black

We place the fixation of the sound equipment itself, inside the glove compartment, taking advantage of the aluminum sheet manufactured

We put the sound system in the glove compartment and put it into operation

As we can see, if we wish, we can take the keyboard of the new sound equipment with us

To be continue

Modifications and Appearance / How Ive Modified My Trophy
« on: August 27, 2021, 06:40:00 pm »
I start by showing the things installed in TTSE:

- Signaling with LED's in (V) type of the indicators, behind the two mirrors, shows its flashing warning on the mirror itself.

- LED lights illuminating all the buttons on the handlebar, so that at night you know where each button is.

- Led warning lights and acoustic signal with blind spot warning sensors when changing lanes, both for the left and right lanes.

- Radar alert device embedded next to the instrument panel and connected to the sound system speakers, canceling the music when there are radar alerts.

- Position light and brake light recessed in the TopCase. The position light is controlled via Bluetooth and the brake light, if desired, can be switched off via (Bluetooth).

- LED lights for (turn signal) in each of the saddlebags.

- Led light inside the glove compartment.

- Interior led light in the TopCase.

- Recessed button panel next to the instrument panel with 6 buttons that control via Bluetooth different devices installed on the motorcycle (batteries are not used, the motorcycle's 12 volt voltage is used and they are reduced to 6 volts).

- Remote control that starts the sound system and you can even start the motorcycle's engine.

- In addition to the sound system, it has a stereo power amplifier plus another power amplifier for subwoofer speakers only.
The two stages are connected and disconnected with the remote control or by means of another button installed in the glove compartment.

- Panel illuminated with LEDs and with 6 more buttons, inside the glove compartment.

- Screen with manual windscreen wiper blades. (I replace it only when we go on long trips).

- Pair of speaker tweeters.

- DAB receiver connected to the sound system and linked to the instrument panel of the motorcycle.

- Powerful LED spotlights controlled via (Bluetooth).

- Front indicators with integrated daytime running light, daytime running light is controlled via (Bluetooth).

- Fixed front and rear cameras controlled via (Bluetooth).

- Button illuminated by a green LED, to take photos on both cameras and block the videos that you do not want to delete.

- Heated grips on the rear handles controlled via (Bluetooth).

This has only been a provisional test, soon I will install the two mirrors of my Trophy and of course I will make a small titurial in case any member of this forum decides to make their Trophy happy.

The installation consists of the signaling of the turn signals, both on the left and the right side, I also believe that it is important that the vehicles that circulate behind us see the maneuver that we are going to perform ...

Ride Reports and Touring / Motorcycle trip to Istanbul
« on: July 31, 2021, 12:34:12 am »
I leave you some photos of the wonderful country like Turkey

Six kilometers from the Turkish border

Maiden Tower

Interior of the Saint Sophia Mosque

Grand bazaar

On the left the Blue Mosque and on the right the Hagia Sophia Mosque

Galata Tower

Waiting for the arrival of the Ferry in Brindisi Italy to reach Igoumenitsa from Greece

View of Albania from the Ferry

Sunset seen from the asian side of istanbul

Taxi caught in the crowd of people

Fountain between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, illuminated with colored lights

Blue mosque

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / New TEST Trophy
« on: June 22, 2021, 08:02:45 pm »
I have finished the TEST type workbench.

leave you a video of how everything has been.

23/06/21 - Title altered from "New TES Trophy" to "New TEST Trophy".
Trophy Moderator

The first thing is to remove the two screws to remove the red plastic. Be very careful when removing the plastic, so as not to lose the 4 springs underneath.

Once the red plastic is removed, we will see that there is another spring inside with the closing anchor.

Here we can see the breakdown of the material.

Now with the help of a very fine screwdriver, we extract the rubber that covers the cylinder of the key.

We extract the rubber from the inside of the key cylinder and below there are two metal washers that must also be removed.

Now we place the key in the open position.

Once the rubber washer and the two metal washers have been removed, we will see a notch that protrudes in the cylinder, with the help of a very fine screwdriver, we can verify that if we insert the screwdriver, the notch is hidden, but due to the force exerted by its spring. It is best to use two screwdrivers, one to insert the notch inside and the other screwdriver to keep it inside. Once you hold the notch, with your thumb or forefinger, push the key cylinder outward and the key cylinder will pop out.

In the next photo you can see the protruding notch indicated by the red arrow.

Key cylinder out of its housing.

Now we will proceed to insert the new fuel cap key cylinder.

We put a small amount of grease around the cylinder of the key.

Re-insert the upper rubber of the cylinder.

Insert the key into the cylinder and place the assembly as seen in the photo and in that position.
Using a very fine screwdriver, such as the one used for extraction, insert it into the notch and hold it, and at the same time, push the cylinder inwards.

Key cylinder inside its housing.

We introduce the two metal washers and their rubber washer.

We place the metal sheet that you see in the photo.

We mount the spring inside its metal clasp and inside the red plastic.

Now we place the four springs and the metallic coating that will hold the four springs.
Here we must pay close attention, because as seen in the photo, the metal plate that holds the four springs, has a notch that must match as indicated by the jojo colored arrows that I have marked in the photo.

Here the work has ended being a total success.


I'm curious to know where on the bike you have it located ???

Also in which countries do you have it installed?


Modifications and Appearance / Heated grips for the rear handles
« on: March 06, 2021, 12:02:32 pm »
For those who want to keep their lady happy with warm hands. She left you some photos so that you can install heated grips very easily on the rear handles.

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