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Thats what was happening to mine.............losing voltage.
My '13 had it's battery replaced under warranty due to the audio software issue that killed it twice, then 5 years later I replaced it before a trip because it was losing a little voltage overnight, but not enough to keep it from starting.  Precautionary before being on the road for a while.  Both times with the same type and rating as the original and never had any issues.  I probably will replace the one on my '17 before a long trip due to it's age only.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / immobilizer function
« Last post by nert on Today at 02:14 pm »
I have read many of the topics on this forum concerning the immobilizer. What is not clear to me, is the terms used such as "wont start", "wont function", "wont operate". In my world, those terms are not definitive enough to pursue a diagnostic direction.  When the immobilizer is not properly paired, with the key, the engine "wont start". Does that mean the starter doesn't engage, like the clutch is not pulled in, or does it mean starter engages, engine cranks, but no fire in the hole?  Same with the Triumph Owners book page 25.
If the malfunction indicator light flashes when the ignition is switched on, contact an authorised Triumph dealer as soon as possible to have the situation rectified. In these circumstances the engine will not start."   Does "not start" mean no crank, or yes crank but no fire in the hole?  What does "lockout" mean relative to the ECM?
thank you
Thanks Cocnut.
I will see if I can check that software version. My Trophy battery currently on smart charger. Will see if I can find out that info.
Stay tuned.
Thank you Coconut!
I replaced mine with the same make and type that was fitted by Triumph.

Yuasa YTX20L-BS - I got it from Halfrauds who had them in stock at the best price locally,
and even better than via Amazon !

There was nothing obviously wrong with the original battery, which I still have as a "spare",
but I replaced it because of its age ( 5 years ) and that I'd stupidy let it go flat a couple of times !  :138:

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / What battery do you recommend?
« Last post by Fatherof2 on Yesterday at 04:46 pm »
Hi Gang,

I need a new battery.

Can anyone recommend one that they have been happy with?

Like to find something I can buy on Amazon.

Thanks All.
It would appear that the Belmetric product
uses a 3mm Allen Key  :012:

Check the Belmetric website they list the M5X.08 X 16 mm Button Head A2 Stainless Steel at $.18/ea and the 20 mm long ones (of which there are a couple on the Trophy) at $.21/ea.  Their SKU for the 16mm long one is: SB5X16SS.  I haven't found anything they don't have yet in bolts or screws and they ship fast.  Excellent resource from what I've experienced.  I have a LOT of spare screws that the Trophy uses just in case.  If you ever drop one with the bodywork on it and don't feel like taking the plastic off you will never retrieve it.  There are several Never Never Lands on the Trophy. :745:  Best pack shop towels in every open area you can find before removing a screw and have a magnet handy.
Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Warning !!!!
« Last post by Noggin on Sep 23, 2023, 11.28 am »
Appears the bike has been sold, if the new owner ever turns up on this group, please feel free to get in contact with me I've some info he/she may find useful

Thanks for all the help and advice in the past

Take care and RIDE SAFE
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