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New Members / Re: Greetings from Utah
« Last post by RedMerle on Yesterday at 09:14 pm »
Hello and welcome.

Of course, you realise that we’re going to need to see photos of these bikes now 👍😁
New Members / Re: Greetings from Utah
« Last post by PhilInAthens on Yesterday at 03:31 pm »
New Members / Re: Greetings from Utah
« Last post by trophied on Yesterday at 02:47 pm »
 :400: to the forum.  Maybe a "Twisted Trophies" get together in Utah is in order!
I also have a Utopia and wondered how it would affect the passenger, but I ride solo anyway.  I think it will depend on how you have it adjusted fore and aft so that it's comfortable for you that will determine if it is suitable for the passenger.
Thanks for the input, guys!

I think I am going to give it a shot.
New Members / Re: Greetings from Utah
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 09:06 am »
Hi dinno246 and :400: to the Club !

Having also owned a previous model 900cc Trophy,
I just KNOW you are going to LOVE the improvements  :169:

The previous one was a joy to ride, but now you have :

Shaft drive,
Electronically adjustable suspension
Traction Control
Electrically adjustable screen
Audio System
"Dynamic" Luggage system
Only one lock to open and remove each pannier or top box, instead of three !
Superb handling,
Etc, etc, etc.


Cheers  :821:

New Members / Re: Greetings from Utah
« Last post by swilkins65 on Yesterday at 06:46 am »
 :401: I bought my first Triumph just over a year ago; a 2013 Trophy with 18,000miles.  I've put an additional 10,000 on it so far and loving it.  Welcome to the forum from a Phoenix AZ rider.
I have a Utopia too. I am a solo rider.
I must make a million adjustments, drilled new holes, etc to make it work.
After that work, I am happy with the backrest.
This was a great transaction - they were packed nicely, look new, and communication was great.

+1, would buy again, etc. etc. etc.

I'm pretty sure I have a Utopia.  Wife has had no issues with it.  I'm sure I would have heard if she did.
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