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 mikal I solved the fuel filling "problem" on my Trophy by removing the filler neck [fuel cap screws  first then filler neck] and sawing [hacksaw] off the plastic/nylon filler neck. A little bit of a filer round the cut edge and then replaced it all. Results with quicker filling time and best of all, no splash-back out onto the tank. Others might suggest this is not the right thing to do, but for all my long distance [IBA] rides it has worked perfectly. Cheers. :821: :028:
New Members / Re: Newbie from Cheshire.
« Last post by HACKLE on Sep 14, 2023, 11.00 pm »
   :400: Docage to all the best info on your "new" Triumph Trophy 1215. :821: :028:
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Lightbar for Denali lights
« Last post by tdragger on Sep 14, 2023, 09.15 pm »
I mounted my D3 Spots on the underside of the mirror covers.  I placed a short brace bar inside to spread the load and they worked great.

The D3 Fogs were mounted on the crash bars with the connector just outside the side grills.  I wrapped the excess cable around the crash bars.  Removal was easy-peasy.  Just unplug and then remove the crash bars as normal.

*Originally Posted by mikal [+]
No they arent, they are all part of the fairing!

I think Iíll leave it there then.
I wouldn't recommend cupping your hand around the Kill Switch.

One pot hole could result in "Killing" the engine - which you'll then need to deal with,
to regain control of the bike, as opposed to only having the cruise control disengage !

Just my 2 cents worth  :028:

Numb Bum - Various aftermarket products available such as Air Hawk / Gel type seat covers,
neither of which solved it for me and I ended up with a "Pre Owned" Russell Day Long Seat
and a "Cool Cover" for the hot summer rides.

Cruise control.  I added a pair of "Grip Puppies" as I found the grips to be too small a diameter
for me, and found that these were much more comfortable and gave me greater throttle control.
I can't remember ever having the cruise control inadvertently disengage when using them.

Handlebar grips - If you remove the storage box under the left grip,
( remove one external bolt, one internal bolt then pull it upwards and rearwards
to release the two pegs at the front edge from their rubber grommets ),
you will be able to see where the Heated Grips would be plugged in as shown below,
and you will then know for sure if you have them or not :

It is possible that they are fitted and the Instrument Panel Icons are not activated,
in which case they should still heat up when switched ON,
but note that they only work with the engine running !  :169:
If they are fitted and do get hot but no Instrument Panel Icons,
report back here for information on how to activate them !

If they are NOT fitted, and you want them, you may be able to persuade the seller to pay for them,
as they advertised the bike as having them.  You will find however that Triumph no longer has any stock
of the complete Heated Grips Kits, in which case LET ME KNOW and I can advise how to get them !

Fuel filling - the fuel tank is shaped something like a Star Trek Klingon Warbird !
There is a "cage" inside the filler to prevent the fuel nozzle from being inserted too far and potentially causing damage.

The best method I have found when filling up is to hold the fuel nozzle vertically with its end
resting on the bottom of the cage, and not to fully squeeze the trigger to prevent any "blow back". 
When the fuel reaches the cage, the trigger will automatically cut out, and I don't then try to add any more !

Note that after refuelling and riding off it can take a couple of minutes / miles
for the new fuel level to register on the fuel gauge !

If you find you can't adjust the mirrors for your preferred rearwards view,
you will find that the Clutch and Front Brake Master Cylinders both have threaded holes
( which may or may not have rubber sealing bungs in them ) that are designed to accept
standard stalk type mirrors - both holes having an M10 x 1.25 right hand thread.

Later versions of the Top Box and Pannier straps had modified "fixings"
with larger / wider washers used under the pop rivets,
so drill the old rivets out and use large "penny" washers under new rivets or nut & bolt.

One other thing I should mention - you might notice that the Trophy is quite W I D E   :745:

975 mm (38.3in) (with panniers fitted)
955 mm (37.6in) (without panniers)

Cheers  :821:

*Originally Posted by trophied [+]
Personally, I use the bar ends to do most of the support for my hands when the cruise is set rather than keeping my hands wrapped around the grips.  Minimizes the chance of disengaging the cruise.  Autocancel on the signals only occasionally or on lane changes.

I found that cupping my hand around the kill switch was comfortable. 
*Originally Posted by RedMerle [+]
Mirrors - fixable.

No they arent, they are all part of the fairing!
New Members / Re: Newbie from Cheshire.
« Last post by Coconut on Sep 14, 2023, 05.35 pm »
Hi DoCage and :400: to the Club !

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Any idea what this is?
« Last post by trophied on Sep 14, 2023, 05.13 pm »
You're already using it if you have heated grips.  If you don't have heated grips then they've either been removed at some point, they've failed for some reason, or a fuse is blown. :821:
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