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Hey all,

This left pull has been going on for some time.  Not exactly sure how long, maybe from new, but was present at 2000 miles or so anyway.  Early on, I assumed it, as well as a mild bar shake from about 40mph to 55mph, were most likely due to the OEM tires being 5 years old and/or maybe not properly balanced.  As it's not severe, I left it alone and assumed when I got new tires it would resolve itself.  Well, new tires happened a couple months ago, and the issue is still present.  Haven't returned to addressing it until now due to lots of other stuff both with the bike and otherwise going on. 

The bar shake is only really noticeable with both hands off the bars, begins around 40 mph, increases until about 50mph, then starts easing off until completely unnoticeable by 55 or so.  It isn't significant enough to upset the bike - I can ride with both hands off the bars through this speed range. 

The left pull is enough that I need to shift my weight about 1/3 of a 'cheek' off the right side of the seat, and put some downward pressure on the right peg, to keep the bike tracking straight with hands off the bars.  The bike also seems to want to 'turn in' a little easier going left than going right. 

- New tires are Michelin Road 5 GT with, IIRC, 2019 date codes.  Were mounted and static balanced on the wheels by a local amateur drag racer who does tires in her spare time as a side business and gets excellent reviews.  Fairly confident the tires/balance isn't the issue.  She also mentioned that the wheel bearings were in excellent shape, so gonna rule that out for now as well. 

- Wheels were mounted back on the bike by me - first time I've ever done this on any bike.  Followed shop manual, torqued spindle, pinch bolts and calipers all to spec, then did the 'bounce' to let the front end find it's center.  After doing some further research, it seems most guides to do this indicate that pinch bolts (and maybe caliper bolts as well) should be tightened up AFTER doing the fork bounce (this makes sense to me as the spindle can't move once the pinch bolts are torqued if I understand correctly).  So I loosened everything back up, and did the bounce after torquing the spindle only, then did up the rest.  This did not seem to make an appreciable change. 

This, and my increasing OCD about the pull, leads me to my current thinking that perhaps the forks are slightly 'tweaked' in the triple trees, causing a front end misalignment.  With all the bodywork on, I can't really get a good visual on the bars / forks / wheel all at the same time - nothing 'appears' out, but it's really impossible to see. 

I have had 2 zero speed drops (one each side) so it's not out of the realm of possibility that it got tweaked.

That brings me to the next step - I'm thinking of trying the fairly well shown (on the internet, anyway) practice of loosening the lower triple trees from the forks, along with the wheel mounting hardware, and re-doing the front end bounce, should get the trees back in alignment if they are, in fact out.  It looks like this may be possible by removing just the inner front fairing plastics on the front end, rather than the whole outer fairing.  Has anyone tried this?  Anything to look out for?  Can anyone confirm it's 6mm allen bolts on the lower trees?  I'll need to pick up a short socket to get in there with the outer fairing till on probably. 

Any other suggestions for things to check? 



As some of you may have seen via my post in the Facebook group from a week ago...

Yesterday I took my Trophy SE ('15 leftver I purchased new last July, 5600 mi on the clock now) to the dealer for the headstock wiring recall.  However, over the past couple weeks, after two out of 4 rides (the longer and hotter of the two fwiw) I discovered small puddles of what I believe to be coolant on the floor of the garage under the bike.  This was approximately a tablespoon of fluid, which appeared to drip from under the centerline of the bike abeam the sidestand.  Further inspection seems to indicate that it was draining from the coolant overflow hose.  So when making the appointment for the recall, I mentioned this and asked the dealer to inspect.  Coolant levels stayed normal in the overflow tank during this period.  After the second time, I tried pulling the drain hose out of the fairing and putting a container under it to catch fluid, but following a couple more rides, I didn't get any repeat events. 

Initial inspection by the dealer indicated that the coolant drain hose was either partially or fully blocked, so left side body work teardown and further digging would be necessary and would take some time.  My wife and daughter were there to give me a ride in case the service apointment was going to be long, so off we went, leaving the bike at the dealer.

Shortly before the dealer closed, they called me and left a message (I was away from the phone and didn't hear it ring) that they suspect a leaking head gasket, and will be calling to get warranty repair authorization from Triumph on Monday (tomorrow 6/22).  The message advised that this will be a "long job" as it requires engine removal from the bike.  I'm hoping to get more info on a timeline when I contact them tomorrow, but looks like I'll be out of commission for a bit. 

Some questions if anyone is willing to share their thoughts:

1) What, if anything, should I have been watching for or inspecting to discover this issue?  Temp gauge always runs at 4 blocks, has been to
     5 a few times at idles over a few minutes on hot days.  Never seen it higher than that.  Didn't see any leakage anywhere on the bike. 
     But this is my first water cooled, and first faired motorcycle.  I'm Concerned that I'm not doing sufficient inspections...

2) It appears from a skim through engine and cylinder head removal sections of the service manual, this process should involve new oil and
    coolant upon reassembly.  Would it make sense, at this mileage, to have them replace the air filter and sync the throttle bodies while
     they are in there?  Any other items in the 10k service  that require teardown that I should think about them doing?

3) Looks like, at least by part number, the cylinder head gasket for the Trophy is NOT the same as the Tiger Explorer.  Anyone know if they
     are in fact interchageable?  I only ask as I am concerned about potential delays in getting parts.   

Thanks all, and happy Father's Day!


Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Headlight modulator insanity?
« on: June 10, 2020, 01:03:05 am »
Hey all...

I almost resurrected a 6 year old headlight modulator thread, but since it wasn't exactly on topic, here we are.

I have a Signal Dynamics headlight modulator unit, with a wiring harness for a SINGLE H4 headlamp in my garage.  This was going to go on any one of my last 3 bikes, but never got installed.  Well, I think it's about time I finally got around to it.  But I am wondering if it is advisable to run a single modulating headlight on a dual headlight bike.  Here's my thought process...

A) modulating light should still be noticeable next to the non-modulating one???

B) if any additional 'wear' is applied to the lamp due to the modulator, the other lamp will continue to operate unaffected if the modulating one dies early.

C) I can be cheap/lazy and not have to order the dual lamp harness for the modulator.

Is anyone here running this setup, or have tried it and it didn't work?  I did some quick googling and didn't find any info (for any dual headlight bikes)....

Good afternoon all!

Not only do I trust the judgment of this group more than most due to your choice of 2 wheeled transportation, but there are also more UK members here than in any other forum I frequent!

I'll be traveling to Scotland in April with a bunch of family members, for a week.  I would like to pick up a "pay as you go" sim card for my mobile phone, rather than using my US provider's international travel plan, as a local SIM will be much more cost effective.  We will be flying in to Glasgow, and then traveling to Glenluce, where we will be staying for a week.  We'll be traveling around to see some (as yet undetermined) sites from that base.  Unfotunately, as I will be one of 2 chauffers for this operation, 2 wheeled travel is not in the cards for me.   

I've looked at providers online, and it appears that EE or O2 are probably my best options for coverage - but if any of you are willing, I'd like to get some input from any local users of either these providers, or an alternate that I'm not looking at.  It appears there are EE and O2 shops, as well as a carphone warehouse shop, at Braehead near Glasgow airport - suspect this might be the most convenient location to pick up a local sim card on arrival.

My plan is to use mobile data service for google maps as my primary means of navigation.  I suspect I'll likely find some areas that don't have mobile service, so I have an alternate app that stores map data locally on my device for backup navigation in these areas (same setup I use on the bike).

Any input on sites to see or places to eat that we shouldn't miss are also most welcome!

Thanks all!


Modifications and Appearance / BackOff XP module - Plug and Play style
« on: August 05, 2019, 01:21:30 am »
Wasn't sure if this should go here or in lighting and electrical, but since it's not stock equipment...

Two weeks in, and it was time for my first mod.  I’ve had this Backoff XP module sitting in my garage since 2014, when I was going to put it on the Harley Softail I was riding at the time.  I then ended up going to a full LED setup on that bike with another controller. 

Since the Trophy is a little less ‘well endowed’ with lights on the rear end, I figured any additional means of getting attention is probably a good thing.  But since I’ve only just gotten this bike, and it’s still under warranty, I didn’t really want to start slicing into the wiring, given my less than stellar electrical skills. 

So after seeing Coconut’s comments on another thread about sourcing exact match plugs for the taillight harness to tie in his stalk lights,  I figured that was a good approach to doing the Backoff.  Coconut was kind enough to post part numbers and a link to the plugs in the other thread, at my request.  His wiring info on the stalk light thread was the last piece of info I needed. 

*Originally Posted by Coconut [+]
No Problem :

Ballenger Motorsports

Parts needed :

1 x CONN-75822 5 Way Connector Plug Kit for NTK AFRM ( Harness Side ) @ US $6.99
1 x CONN-75823 5 Way Connector Receptacle Kit for NTK AFRM ( Sensor Side ) @ US $6.99

Eack Kit is complete with a set of seals and pins to solder your wires onto. 

Cheers  :821:

*Originally Posted by Coconut [+]

The wiring colours of the motorcycle rear light unit are as follows :

Red                  = Tail Light & Number Plate +ve
Blue                 = Stop Light +ve
Black                = Stop & Tail & Indicator & Number Plate -ve
Yellow              = Offside ( Right ) Indicator +ve
Yellow / Green = Nearside ( Left ) Indicator +ve

Total cost for the mod was about $18 for the plugs shipped to my door, $12 for a cheap trailer wiring harness at walmart (convenient source for several strands of varying colors of wire), and whatever the cost of the Backoff module was. 

My soldering skills are weak and rarely used, and I didn't have the proper crimp tool for the pins, so I just did the best I could.  Had a couple pins that were a struggle to get seated in the plug - one for a reason I couldn't determine, so guessing it was a little too bulky at the solder joint, and the other has both the ground wire coming from the tail lights and the backoff module going to the same pin on the bike side plug.  this one is too fat to fit the waterproofing grommet, as well.  Probably the correct way to do this would have been to make a splice outside the body of the plug rather than running both wires to the pin itself. 

I just fished the bike side of the wiring harness up into the tail cone of the bike behind the passenger seat, plugged it in to the module, and then fished the taillight side of my harness out to the taillight.  There’s tons of room for the module in the tailcone.  I just left it sitting in there for now, but I might stick it down with velcro or something at some point. 

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / GPS mount for a great price?!?!
« on: July 23, 2019, 03:48:47 pm »
Good morning all,

Very new owner here (not even 24 hours yet) and the farkle process has begun (coming from Harley, this isn't a new experience for me  :001:)

I just ordered what I think, and hope, to be the correct part number for the OEM GPS mount kit from BikeBandit.  But their online prices appeared to be swapped for the kit vs the mounting bracket individual part.  The kit is listed there for $15 US, and the bracket alone for $40. 

At any rate, I ordered the kit for the $15 list price.  Part number matches other sources for the kit that appear to have the regular $40-$50 price tag.

Here's the BikeBandit link for anyone else interested in picking this up.  Hopefully I don't get a 'we screwed up' email from them shortly.

Also, I'm hunting for a Zumo 660 style mounting cradle to attach to the GPS mount.  I don't need the power or comms cables for it - just a mechanically sound cradle.  I rigged up a cell phone case with a Garmin cradle weather cover to mount my phone (for NAV use) on the Garmin cradle on my previous bike and it worked extremely well.  Trying to do the same again.  If anyone has any good sources for these I'd appreciate it.  Seems like complete cradle kits are pretty pricey when I can find them. 

Thanks all!


On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Motorcycle Cannonball 2018
« on: September 09, 2018, 09:08:08 pm »
This run launched out of Portland Maine yesterday, and I had the fortune to see them at their first scheduled stop of the day in Rochester, NH.  I've never seen more than a few vintage bikes in one place before, was a really cool experience.

I did see one Trophy, with CT tags, in the parking lot - was that any of you guys?

New Members / New guy, not an owner (yet?)
« on: July 15, 2017, 01:18:58 am »
Hey all,

Figured I'd jump in and do the courteous thing and introduce myself -

I'm Dan, I live in southern Maine, and currently am riding a 2011 Harley Electraglide Ultra Limited. 

I joined the forum in an attempt to learn more about the Trophy, as I'm considering trading in the Harley for a new '17 Trophy. 

At any rate, so far the welcome I've gotten from Trophy owners (both here, and from one TT owner on the Harley forums I'm on) has been warm and inviting.  It's awesome to know a good community surrounds this bike, like it does over on the HD side...

Thanks folks,


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