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Tyres and Wheels / Re: Pirelli Tyre Spec for the Trophy
« on: May 05, 2014, 04:36:00 pm »
Yesterday, after succesfully completing an extremely hard ride (18 hours, nearly 16 of them riding acording to the bike's computer, half of them raining, even snowiing at certain point, and quite foggy), called "Route of the Penitents", that means more than 700 km around Spanish and French Pyrenees, including 20 mountain passes and more than 5.000 turns (as the organizers say, for sure I didn't count them), I discovered that my back GT is arriving to the end of it's life after only 7.000 km (I don't think it may last 1.000 km more), the front one still looks acceptable, but as I prefer to change both I'm in doubt, not sure if waiting for the front new A specification (whilst I can ride my other bike, a Bonneville) and continue with Pirelli Angel or switching to Michelin PR4 and see what happens :187:

i changed my first ST with about 7.000, then GT, for about 8.000, and now I'm not really sure if they may last 1.000 km more because in this área of Spain the asphalt is very abrassive, specially when heat, and summer is aproaching

I will ask the dealer :187:

No problems so far, but I'm still waiting for the promised up-grade :084:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: A Video report in Spanish
« on: December 20, 2013, 10:44:53 pm »
*Originally Posted by Verdun95 [+]
our Spanish speaking friends might also like this one:
Triumph Trophy 1200 SE

TY Verdun, really interesting, I didn't knew the web page, but for sure I'm going to follow it, the comments are worthy; Some pics of that test with the pilots touching with the knee had been posted, but I hadn't seen the film before :028:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: A Video report in Spanish
« on: December 20, 2013, 10:40:46 pm »
*Originally Posted by freefallnz [+]
Looks like fun riding there. Wherever there is.

Prueba Triumph Trophy SE

Finally managed to see it; it's filmed at the Pyrenees, the first 30 seconds is the road to the thermal area and skiing station of Panticosa, then I've recognized several parts, all of them nearby that area, at the Province of Huesca, some 150 km from where I live :062:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: A Video report in Spanish
« on: December 20, 2013, 09:42:44 pm »
I don't see anything, but perhaps it' because I'm using my tablet, tomorrow I'll try on my computer and if possible I'll translate it and find the place! :084:

New Members / Re: Hola desde España
« on: December 20, 2013, 09:37:47 pm »
Bienvenido, compañero!  :821: :821:

I have received the recall, too. My dealer has asked for the piece and when they receive it will change it. I rarely use the stand, but prefer to had it fitted!

As I told in my previous post, yesterday I wrote to warranty department, to the email suggested by other mates, and I got the answer today, I'm really pleased with the speed and the solution! :152:

Here is the reply:

"An instruction will be sent in the very near future to dealers outside of the UK offering the option for customers to have the upgrade carried out by their local Triumph dealer under warranty.

Your bike is within the affected VIN range and this upgrade will be available to you.

Best regards,"

As soon as I have the upgrade made, I'll tell you here


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