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Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Replacement for my TTSE?
« on: Yesterday at 06:27:27 pm »
Oh No ! - PLEASE not another rumour of a "new" Trophy Model  :110:   :180:

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Re: won't start
« on: June 17, 2021, 08:33:12 pm »
If the red Immobiliser light ( Bell symbol nearest to the "8"000 rpm of the Tachometer ),
remains ON when the Ignition is switched ON, then there is a problem with the Immobiliser circuit.

Check the obvious things first :

  • Make sure that both Keys are NOT both in close proximity to the Ignition Switch.
  • Try your Spare Key - If the engine starts this would indicate a problem
    with the  Transponder in the first key, and may need to re-programmed to the ECM.
  • If neither key works there may be a fault with the wires of the Antenna
    within the Ignition Switch that are used to detect the Key Transponder -
    It is possible one of these has been damaged and not noticed during the
    Ignition Switch Recall Inspection, which concentrated on examining
    the wires that carry Power to and from the Ignition Switch.

Do you have the Triumph branded Datatool S4 alarm fitted ?
There was a recall of some of these due to a fault that could affect the Ignition circuit,
and while I don't have full details of how the fault manifested itself, it is worth considering.
Topic here : IMPORTANT ! Triumph Datatool S4 Alarm - RECALL !

If none of the above help to figure the problem, and in the absence of any DTC's
then it will probably need further investigation by a Dealer.

Cheers  :821:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Top Box 12v Socket
« on: June 16, 2021, 08:56:55 pm »
An elastic band ( experiment with different sizes ) is probably
the cheapest and most effective answer.

Don't be tempted to change the Socket for a Hella type
( like the one by the Rider's Knee, and for the Pillion where fitted )
even though they are more secure / vibration proof,
and chop the plug off your Charging device and replace with a Hella plug,
without first checking .....

USB runs at 5 Volts, so there will be a step down circuit somewhere
to reduce the 12V from the Accessory Socket, down to the required USB 5V.

This circuitry may be enclosed within the exisiting Plug,
or it may be inside the USB Outlet box - If it's in the Plug
and you remove it and replace with a standard Hella Plug,
then the full 12V will be pumped into that USB box and couldl fry it !

Cheers  :821:

... my SM mentions the starter solenoid
but does not specify where it's located ...

Using the Service Manual ( SM) can often be likened
to playing a game of "Hide & Seek", where Triumph did the Hiding !

There IS a drawing showing the Starter Solenoid location,
cunningly "hidden" on Page 10.120 in the Section for Fuel Tank Removal !  :087:   :027:

Good to hear you have sorted the problem,
and thanks for the alert about the Fusing -
I guess there's only so much room for those symbols
on the Fusebox cover.  :015:

The Owners Handbook ( Page 151 ) does't help much, describing
Fuse No.5 ( 15A) of the Rear Fusebox for "Ignition, instruments".
That Fuse provides Power to the Key operated Ignition Switch.

Fuse No.1 ( 20A ) is described as just "Headlight", whereas from
studying the Wiring diagram, that Headlight Fuse provides power
to BOTH the Headlight Relay AND the Starter Relay.

I guess the thing to remember is that if any electrical circuit fails,
check ALL the fuses to make sure !

Cheers  :821:

STJim :

Thanks for this - it may help someone out in the future.  :028:

The loss of power you describe, was not only because of
the rear brake being patially applied, but due to a "feature"
of the Trophy as described on Page 67 of the Owners Handbook :

Brake Use
At low throttle opening (approximately 20), the brakes and throttle can be used together.
At high throttle opening (greater than 20), if the brakes are applied for greater than
2 seconds the throttles will close and the engine speed will reduce.

( I think that "20" means 20%  :084: )

Cheers  :821:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Replacement for my TTSE?
« on: June 16, 2021, 06:45:43 am »
....only the lowest mileage users can ever see the full 7 years?

Kia's new car warranty is 7 Years or 100,000 miles - equivalent to over 14,200 miles per year !

I bought one last year, and can honestly say it's absolutely superb !  :169:

I have the Triumph Service Tool T3880620 ( V Series Socket Adjuster 48mm ), if you want to borrow it,
or I can take any measurements from it that you would need to make one ?

Cheers  :821:

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