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Title: Issue with bypass plug - alarm connector
Post by: christophexavier on May 06, 2015, 06:57:22 pm
Hi all,

Unfortunately someone tried to steal my bike this morning.There has been some damages on the saddle but the main issue is that the bypass plug (that is apparently here when no alarm is connected) has been damaged (picture attached).

Is there anyone who had the same issue in the past and could help with this?

Thanks for your help,

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Title: Re: Issue with bypass plug - alarm connector
Post by: Coconut on May 06, 2015, 09:13:06 pm
Hi christopherexavier,

What a horrible thing to happen   :233:  Youmust be really angry,
... and what a way to have to introduce yourself to the Forum , but  :400:  anyway !

I guess there is some consolation in that they didn't manage to get away with your Trophy  :023:

It's very difficult to tell from the Photo you posted, as it's not clear WHERE on your Trophy those connectors are,
but I think the connector on the right may be the one that would have the alarm connected to it.

When there is no alarm fittted there is a Blanking / Shorting Plug fitted to the connector,
and this may have been taken by the would be Bike thieves ?

If you download the Alarm Fitting instructions from here : Triumph Instructions (
( You will need to enter the part number which is A9808012 ), and look at Page 7,
where there is a more detailed description and an explanation of the location of the alarm connection plug.

The connector on the left looks like the diagnostics connection plug - this normally sits on top of the battery
and is located onto a plastic housing there, but ordinarily does not have anything connected to it.
It may have been pulled down from its usual location ??

Hope this has been of some help. 

In the circumstances I would think that your local Triumph Dealer would be able to help further.

Cheers  - :821: