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Items Wanted / Triumph Torque Magazines
« on: April 10, 2021, 10:04:21 pm »
Looking to fill the gaps in my collection of Triumph Torque Magazines, the quarterly produced from 1996 - 2007 when it was halted in favour of the pure advertising brochure which eventually went online.

Specifically looking for any of issue numbers : 1-5, 14-19, 44-46

If anyone has these lying around gathering dust, I'd be happy to recompense them for helping to satisfy my completist / OCDC tendencies.

Tyres and Wheels / Dunlop Muntant
« on: April 03, 2021, 12:16:41 am »
Only recently came across this newer variant and wondered if any other owners had tried them and had opinions / feedback / comparisons on how they rode and are lasting?

I've always used PR3's as replacements and while I've been happy with the performance and wear, technology moves on and these seem to be getting good feedback with respect to grip, particularly for wet weather riding, always a bonus in our part of the world  :038:

Having used CTek Battery chargers / conditioners for years, I'm very keen on them.

I have on previous bikes used the standard supplied quick connect fixed charging lead, just tucked it away when not in use. On others I have also used the panel mounted quick connect which has a built in battery condition indicator which works very well as well as being reassuring before you attempt to start the bike and with older bikes monitor the charging circuit while riding.

But didn't want to hack into the panels on the Trophy so decided to use the third option to avoid having to continually removing the panel for out of use charging or checking the battery, the panel is bound to get broken eventually and quite possibly the one day I decide to go on a longer trip without checking the day before it'll be the day when the battery decides to retire.

CTek have an optional accessory that's not commonly known about, it's almost the same as the standard supplied fixed quick connect but with the monitor facility built in like the panel mount unit. It is bizarrely named CTEK 56-382 M8 Comfort Indicator Eyelet and is not very expensive at 7.19 + shipping.

The moulded lead is long enough to route from the right mirror recess to the battery (for battery access and disconnection please see "Battery Removal HOW TO") allowing the connection with the built in monitor to reside there for easy access. It's also a perfect size to be mounted using a bit of velcro under the mirror shroud. This allows you not only to reach it easily for charging and checking but if positioned just right the flashing LED's can be seen without even pulling the mirror back, in fact it can be seen while riding but it's not really intrusive.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Trophy's as UK Police Bikes
« on: August 16, 2014, 05:40:29 pm »
I wonder when the UK forces will start to wake up to the fact that they could be using a British Machine, it would certainly be a good advert. In fact given the budgetary pressures all forces are under there are damn good reasons even without it being British. Compared to what they are currently using and the running costs involved, they could probably save a significant amount on fuel alone. Given that there is every reason why sales to other European Traffic Police divisions shouldn't be considering it too.

I spoke to one of the senior Blood Bikers organisers / riders from the Warickshire division after a recent factory tour. He told me that they previously had used Sprint ST and GT of which they all preferred the ST for its nimbleness but the load capability coupled with the riding position made it less than ideal for the job. They had also used Roadies (Tiger 1050's) which they loved for the job but the style of usage meant they ate chains even with an oiler, so the Trophy is the best of both and a great tool although it has more bulk that also means it has more presence with other road users.

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Zumo instalation frustration.
« on: August 09, 2014, 03:20:05 pm »
Spent the best part of a day trying to get this installed, admittedly some of it my own doing  :138:

After initial hook up, test, power up on ignition on, OK let's close it all up.  Wrong  :015:

Test audio out, nothing, only out of the Zumo speaker. Check all the settings, reboot, try again and again, all possible permutations, nada, sod all. Time to get systematic.

Fortunately I have a second unit. Try that, same, so unlikely that is the actual unit. Try plugging a headset into the unit's main hard audio out, both OK, same when I the cradle.

Panels off around the indicator again. Try the headset in the cradle hard audio out with both units, a crackly silence. Try connecting my phone to the TT audio input, tunes  :018: so nothing wrong with the TT. Has to be the cradle / leads  :084:

Desperate measures, start digging around in my box of bits from Singapore, still not fully unpacked, viola, spare cradle and lead. Boom it up to the battery and TT audio, tunes from the speakers  :152:

Not something I was expecting since the unit and cradle came off aTT and was in working order. So it's either a damaged cable or the spring loaded connectors on the cradle.

Do any of you bright young men have a pin out list for this cradle before I start doing serious research or hacking into the loom, Gamin Dave?

Not a complete waste of time as I did figure out on tip worth passing on.
The two screws for the central panel behind the mirrors, inboard upper, are difficult to get a hex key into completely straight without putting pressure on the Plastics. Swing the mirrors inward, now twist the glass part 90 degs so that the angled edge is top inboard the swing the mirrors back to almost normal position and you will be able to get at those screws straight on.

Items for Sale / GPS connector kit
« on: August 08, 2014, 08:34:45 pm »
Due to a duplicate order when I had my Tiger 1050, I have a spare connector kit.

The power connector / cable is marked as part no A9930122/2 which is exactly the same as the one used on the dealer fit on my TTSE. I can't find it in the parts listing.

5 posted to a UK address.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Don't miss a trick Triumph
« on: July 05, 2014, 11:00:06 am »
With the new RT's all being hauled in for the rear suspension fix, which they don't have a solution for yet and are looking at August before they start taking them in, Lord knows how long the back log is going to be.

Perhaps the Triumph dealers could be a bit cheeky and place ads "Come in and test ride a TTSE while your RT is of the road"  :008:

They state that they're offering the owners 500 "compensation" , don't state if it's cash or vouchers. Dealer could push their luck even further "Come spend your 500 with us and we'll give you 600 worth of accessories or clothing"   :017:

I'd better not go anywhere near our Beemer dealers for a while  :430:

Items for Sale / Triumph Chevron One Piece Rain Suit
« on: March 03, 2014, 06:26:16 pm »
Prompted by one of our members, I have the following for sale.

Genuine Triumph one piece "Chevron" rain suit in red / black. Brand new, never worn (bought wrong size) still has original label and supplied spares for zipper and poppers. Size is Medium but it is large really and will go over normal leathers and riding gear.  As an indication of size, I am 1.85 m tall and 80 cm (32") waist and I found the medium a little bit roomier than I wanted, even over my leathers (Triumph 40 / 50 size), the small I got fits me better.

Nylon/polyurethane material, stitched/sealed seams, size M, nylon liner (partial - upper torso),complete with Triumph original pouch / bumbag. Prominent 3M refectors on rear and shoulders. Four waterproof patch pockets, two on chest and two on thighs.

It's two full length zippers with heavy velcro double over closures that make it really easy to get in and out of, the neck is velour lined with an elastic draw cord to stop the evil dribles down your neck. Now having the correct size I can vouch for this suit being as waterproof as you can get. Sadly these are no longer available and I don't know what I will do when mine wears out or gets damaged. That's a long time in the future thankfully, as this suit is made from very tough material.

I remember "Bike" magazine rated this suit as the only one of the one piece suits they tested as being 100% waterproof and great value for money.

I am asking GBP 40 plus mailing or collecting / hand over if convenient.

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