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Items for Sale / PS for last post Triumph Trophy and SE full service manual
« on: February 25, 2017, 10:13:37 am »
Hi Again

Also on my list is the Full Triumph Trophy service manual which includes " Coconuts" extremely informative photographic instructions for Fairing removal  :002:

Offers again if interested please PM me


Items for Sale / Various items after sale of my TTSE
« on: February 25, 2017, 10:04:21 am »
Hi Everyone.
Been awhile since I last posted. Alas due to various personal issues I have let my 2012 TTSE go. Without a doubt the best bike I have owned.

I have for sale the following items that may be of interest. A couple of items I have added but not too bothered if they don't go as they will do for my next triumph when I get it.

1: Pair of inner side pannier bags Triumph original excellent condition 50.00 for the pair
2: Tourtech Pure Trophy tank bag excellent condition 75.00
3: Triumph genuine leather Jacket used 3 times for short rides. 200
4: Big Blue Motorcycle lift This is set up for the Trophy but can be adapted for any motorcycle including cruiser style 295
5: Garmin 660 this is the unit and mobile accessories the loom was left built into my sold Trophy

If anyone is interested please PM for further details and photos prices are set to sell.


Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Forgot the Blood bike
« on: October 20, 2015, 02:18:18 pm »
Sorry folks.

Whilst on the course there was a silver Trophy standard in the car park. The rider was a member of the North wales Blood bikers. They had just acquired the Trophy as one of the blood bikes. :046:

It goes for decal livery today. So any one see a trophy in North Wales decked out it is the new blood bike. I will try to contact them and get photos if I can. But good to see the potential of the Trophy used in the Emergency sector. :028:


Hi everyone.
This past weekend I spent down in Warwickshire visited the Motorcycle museum. Very interesting a worth a trip. Bikes all cramped together so a bit difficult to view any particular bike. You go (Bike blind) :008:
Then went over to North Wales for my FBoS advanced first aid course with North Wales Police. This is a free course and is run by the Bike safe group. I have done numerous first aid courses and EMT for my work in the offshore industry but forever learning. This was good and covered accident management and dispelled some of the myths about removing a bikers helmet (I will not get into the politics of this subjection this post But safe to say I have learnt a lot of the paramedic instructor)
If any one would like information PM me. I do not have any affiliation to Bike safe but I do recommend them as a bike training aid.
I always have carried a first aid kit and thankfully to now have not had to use it.

May be worth a closing thought?
Q1: If you were a victim of an accident what would you like to happen.? :084:
Q2: If you came across an accident whether or not it involved a biker what would you do.?  :187:


Hi All
Justa note on getting my 20,000mile service finally completed. This was due to me working always away and the dealer summertime service rush. Anyway at 22152 the bike went into A1MOTO York. They gave me a T100 bonnie as a loaner.
The bike went in on Monday afternoon so they could work on a cold bike the next morning. late in the Tuesday afternoon I rang to see if it was ready, they were just putting it back together so not to cause any rush they kept the bike until Wednesday lunchtime when I picked it up.
They had done all the required 20,000mile items, gave a copy breakdown of the work carried out.All brake , clutch and coolant fluids changed, Valve checked and adjusted, Throttle bodies balanced, New Spark plugs, Head race and wheel bearing chickened adjusted. Adaptions re set, Checked all outstanding recalls Autoscan replaced one Valve shim.
Copy of of all parts.
Final bill 423.86 + VAT 84.77 total bill including labour and parts 508.63

The mechanic who worked on the bike came thru and gave me a rundown on the work carried out and seemed genuinely interested in his job and was also into racing motorcycles.

I have used A1MOTO for a few years since they set up in York 2000. when I had my Sprint ST 995. (great bike)

All I can add is a very positive and good response and service from my dealer. Lets hope it continues and I get another trouble free 20,000miles. The bike is like an old whiskey it gets better as it gets older. a 2012 Factory launch model with 3000miles on it when I bought it. 3 years ago. In blue  :745:

Going to the Bike museum tomorrow then onto my First bike on scene medics course at North Wales police and fire service this weekend. Happy days :001:



Ride Reports and Touring / ride out 10th Sept lake district
« on: September 10, 2015, 06:59:37 pm »
Hi All.

Just had a great day out in North yorkshire and the lake district. Set off from Harrogate around 10:00 this morning road up to Devils bridge stopped for a cuppa then decided to head over to Windermere and go over Kirkstone Pass on towards Penrith.

Whilst I was on the dual carriage way heading to Windermere a Blue 13 plate trophy with Givi top box passed me and his mate on a black sports bike. Not sure of the make. They turned off for Kendal. Was that any one on the forum.

I continued to windermere then over Kirkstone pass. Found out to my disappointment that Hartside cafe road over to Alston was closed until 19:00 tonight due to the Britain Bike tour.

Made a detour towards Appleby then Brough up to Tan Hill Pub. Highest pub in Britain. Had some lunch then meandered back via Reeth, leyburn over the moors dropping back down to Ripon and home.

A great enjoyable day and nice to see another trophy out and about.


Hi Folks

When I get back onshore I am taking the back wheel in for a new tyre. I have read the posts on removing or not removing the exhaust.
Q. For the people who did remove the exhaust did you use any exhaust heat sealant when re fitting the exhaust.
Did you use normal paste or a heat resistant silicone sealant.
If so what type and can any of them have an affect on O2 sensors? tho in this case the joint would be upstream of the sensor so may not have an affect.


Modifications and Appearance / sat nav shade
« on: May 03, 2015, 11:09:08 am »
Bobbya and all.

The Sat nav cover I use is from Glarestompers  It does the job for me. I have no connections or financial concerns with Glarestompers.

see photos

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