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Title: Givi base plate/Added Pictures
Post by: Briang1234 on November 28, 2013, 09:38:19 pm
Hello all
I have my brand new bike, and a Givi Trekker that needs to get mounted as my top box. Turns out that the fit looks really good on the bike but...... I see no one appears to have the monokey base plate done up yet for this bike. I have an old base plate off another bike that I may fab up an adaptor for, but a new one would be nice. My question would be, does anyone know if the Trophy cargo rack has the same bolt pattern/footprint as another model. Slim chance but worth asking. I know Givi or twisted throttle will have one out pretty soon. Any info is much appreciated.

I thought Id come back and add some photos of this little project. I know its not the prettiest mod. but its all covered up when the top box is on. Adaptor is just 1/8" stainless with 1/4" x 20 screw inserts to hold the Givi plate down.
Title: Re: Givi base plate
Post by: Iain on November 28, 2013, 10:29:07 pm
I had a Givi box on my previous Triumph(Sprint GT) and found that on removing the seat the end of the seat would catch on the box and make seat removal fiddly.It did come off of course but the Triumph box I then got was intended for the bike and removal was easier.Whether that would have been the case with the Trophy I don't know but the Triumph box matched the bike,was equal in capacity and has the charging outlet.I then took the Triumph box with me to my new Trophy.If you can stretch to it the Triumph box is a better option.
Title: Re: Givi base plate
Post by: Briang1234 on November 28, 2013, 10:57:21 pm
Good info Iain, thanks
Man, If I didn't already have the Trekker (and the power kit for it also) I'd certainly go for the factory box. But you give me some valuable info. Im going to have a machinist at work fab me up an aluminum adaptor to mount that old ugly base plate. (Keeping an eye on front clearance) With 3 screws holding it down it will be about a 30 second job to remove the plate when no box is mounted. When touratech or twisted throttle comes out with a nice custom rack, I'll grab it.