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Title: Loose Head
Post by: GavJ on March 23, 2019, 05:24:34 PM
Had a crackin run today, weather eventually not too bad, 10 deg C most of the day. Pic is on the A85 just west of Tyndrum... anyway, steering was a bit off. Didn't drop into corners like it used to. Its been doing this for a while, when I last looked I couldn't feel any play in the steering head bearings. This time I held the top of the stem, partly touching the frame and rocked the bike on its center stand... bugger, loads of play. :114:
Ill adjust them up when I get a chance but chances re they are done...  not looking forward to changing them, definitely wont be doing until its warmer.  :190:
Anyone done theirs? What bearings did you buy, how awkward was it?