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*Originally Posted by Blacktruck [+]
...Just curious, what are the other lights mounted to the calipers (driving, fog)? Which position do you like better for the lights?
They are Moto Lights. They are expensive. I've had them for 15 years and have moved them from bike to bike. I like them mounted lower on the calipers, but the engine guard mounting would be fine. They are running lights, plenty bright to be seen, but they are not super-bright, long distance beams. BTW I plugged LED bulbs into them. (MR-16 bulb).

*Originally Posted by Rick505 [+]
Wanted to say thanks for the video on using a Cortech Tank Bag on the Trophy.  Mine arrived Saturday and I think I'll rewatch the video and mount mine today.

I've added another video to my collection of videos on YouTube for the Trophy. This one is about installing auxiliary running lights.

You'll want to watch the 2-part series on installing these LED lights on a Road Glide Special.

There is a playlist for all the Trophy topics.


Continue the installation of the lower buckles.

1. Attach the forward buckle to the bag.
2. Attach the lower (rear) buckles to the bag.
3. Loosen the straps of the lower buckles.
4. Loop the strap under the seat mounting receiver.
5. Adjust the straps so the bag is secure.
6. Mount the seats.

I bought the subject tank bag and did some research here on how to mount this bag. Someone else posted that it's possible, so I studied awhile and figured out how to do it.

1. Remove the trim that surrounds the gas cap.
2. Remove the rubber stopper at the forward end of the trim. (Do not remove the rear stoppers.)
3. Push the strap of the forward buckle down through the trim.
4. Get a small self-tapping screw from your parts bin.
5. Position the buckle so it just pokes through the trim and fasten the strap with the screw to the boss on the trim.
6. Turn the trim over and mount it to the bike.
7. Use the included tank protecting pad. Attach it to the bottom of the bag with the Velcro.

The pictures attached to this post show the forward mounting.

*Originally Posted by ZShyster [+]

Forgive me for asking, but why would you put heated grips on a bike in Florida?   :084: 

Good Luck


Because I ride my bike around the country. Last week I went over a pass in New Mexico at 10,500 ft. It was 38 degrees and raining. I didn't have my Gerbing with me for reasons beyond my control. The week before that I was in Texas where it was in the 40's and raining. Heated grips would have added a little heat. (I was wearing my Gore-Tex rain suit and gloves, which were a big help.)

It appears the sum of the Triumph parts cost more than the kit. For Instance, Hermy's Triumph lists each grip for $125. Someone mentioned Bike Bandit. They have grips that appear to not be OEM. So are the parts available at a discount any place?

I have a Sena 20S, so I'm not familiar with the details of your model, but a couple of things might help.

Did you clear all pairings before pairing to the Trophy? It's always good to start from scratch.

Pair each unit to the Trophy before pairing to each other.

I don't know what features your model has. The 20S has device pairings for Phone 1, Phone 2, and GPS profiles. Which type of pairing did you use for your headset?

Does your unit have an overlay feature that allows the intercom to overlay the bike's audio? If it has that feature, then perhaps it's turned off.

I find that the Sena units have lots of capabilities which increase the complexity. It has taken me lots of reading and experimentation to get the configuration the way I want it.

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