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No problem KTXdm9 - Humour doesn't always work in Text !

Nor does turning a key "to the left" !

( The top of the key might turn to the left,
but the bottom of the key will turn to the right ! )

This is why our wonderful language has words such as "Clockwise" and "Anti-Clockwise",
or "Counter-Clockwise" for our English American speaking friends.  :745:

Would that be my left, or my other left?
???  :187:

No it wouldn't !  :015:

It would be Anti-Clockwise !   :164:

Going unintentionally off topic with this, so to clarify -
If your personal Forum Profile is set to "Show most recent posts at the top"
which is how mine are set, then the Link will redirect to the first page of the Topic,
where the First Post is the List of Accessories.  :169:

If that setting is NOT selected in your own Profile, it will Link to the correct Topic,
but the most recent Page will be displayed.

This Setting ( and others ) is accessible from :
Forum / Profile / Modify Profile / Look and Layout, then Scroll down to find the
"Show most recent posts at top" setting, and check or uncheck the box as required.

End of Hi-Jack - Back to Topic now - "Reflections on first 10,000 miles of Trophy Ownership" !

Bad link Coconut
   :187:  ???

There's a list of Accessories, including Seats for the Trophy, here :

List of available Triumph Accessories for the Trophy.

Many of them are no longer "available".  :110:

Modifications and Appearance / Re: Extra set of rear view mirrors ?
« on: August 17, 2019, 08:44:30 PM »
I find that I CAN adjust the Trophy mirrors to see directly behind me ( albeit some distance back ),
but then I also see some of the Top Box and my fingers.

To compensate I also use mirrors fitted into the Clutch and Front Brake reservoir mountings,
and have them set fo the wider "blind spot" view.

The stem also blocks out part fo the Trophy mirror, but this arrangenent works for me,

They were only cheap, ( eBay - don't think they are available any more )
and the design suits the lines of the Trophy - with removable plastic covers,
that I sprayed Pacific Blue to match the bike :

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Re: Oil leak
« on: August 17, 2019, 08:33:05 PM »
A number of Members have reported that their Crankcase bolts etc. needed "nipping up",
as they appeared to be a little on the loose side from the factory, resulting in oil leaks.

Cheers  :821:

Like thogland says - Pressing DOWN on the seat seems to relieve the pressure on the latch.

Also - ( cue Egg Sucking lesson for Grannie ! ..... )
Make sure you turn the Key the correct way - Anti-Clockwise about 1/8 turn.  :169:

Cheers  :821:

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