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On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Re: Trophy Totaled
« on: Yesterday at 06:47:50 PM »
Sorry to hear of this Mike, but glad you're still able to tell the tale !

Sending you best wishes for a Speedy Recovery  :028:

Cheers  :821:

ANY authorised Triumph Dealer that can access "TOL" ( the Dealership portal "Triumph On Line" )
CAN access the Software, download it, and apply it to a Trophy that needs it !  :169:

We even have a Topic on the Forum to "remind" dealers of where to find it,
for those that have "forgotten" or are reluctant to do so ! :

Where Triumph dealers can find audio software updates (U.S.)

I can't imagine there will be ANY further updates for the Trophy Audio system,
though devices produced in the future, that can be connected to the Trophy
Audio system either by USB or Bluetooth, may well be "backwards compatible".

As promised in my previous message,
the wording of the Instructions for updating the Software says :

Although there is different hardware for the radios fitted to
USA/Canada bikes (those with XM satellite radio) and other bikes,
the software file used to update the audio system is the same.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Great or just good for 2up?
« on: Yesterday at 06:14:48 PM »
Sorry it didn't work out for you - It shouldn't have rattled like that,
but if your Wife wouldn't be able to cope woth the climb aboard,
I can understand why you aren't progressing a purchase of a different Trophy.

Thanks for the update - Stay safe - Whatever you ride  :028:


That’s all very interesting - thanks for sharing the information  :028:

I think the confusion over which Market the Software Version 1.04E is for,
is that it was released specifically to address a “bug” that only affected
the US and Canadian Market - fitted with the XM Radio.

I have seen the Instructions for installing the Software Update
and there is a comment about it applying to other Markets,
but it was poorly worded and unclear in that respect.

I will quote from it later when I return from work !

Meanwhile, if you could get something in writing from Radio Sound inc
granting permission to share the Update File, that may satisfy the Forum Admin
that there would be no Copyright breach, they might allow it to be shared,
perhaps via a Link within the Forum.

Cheers  :821:

I am referring to the colours of the wires on the Main Harness,
not on the Fly-Lead from the Sensor.

The Wiring Diagram shows 3 wires on the Main Harness,
with the colours as per my previous message,
so I expect one of the four wires from the Sensor may not be used.

If all four wires from the sensor ARE used -
what is the fourth wire connected to ??

WV Rider :

YES - You should be able to get "N" displayed on the LCD Instrument Panel
and also the Green Neutral Indicator light should be ON when the Ignition is ON
without the engine running, when the Gearbox is in Neutral.

The Gear Position Sensor is located just forward of the Gearchange pedal input shaft,
secured by two hexagonal headed bolts ( "Fixings" ) :

According to the Wiring Diagram there are three wires connected to the Sensor.

From the main harness to the connector for the sensor, the wires are coloured :

Black with a Pink Stripe ( from Pin B23 of the ECU ),
Black with a White stripe ( from Pin B44 of the ECU ), and
Pink with a Black Stripe - ( from Pin B18 of the ECU and common to Pin 1 of both the
Ambient Pressure Sensor and Manifold Pressure Sensor, and Pin 6 of the Fall detection Switch ).

It looks like you have fitted a Tap to either the Black wire with Pink stripe,
to the Pink wire with Black Stripe - it is difficult to tell which one in the Photo,
but due to their similarity - check you have connected to the CORRECT wire here.

Hope this helps !


Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Touch up paint for wheels
« on: July 12, 2020, 11:20:17 AM »
The question has been asked numerous times previously,
and I can't recall anyone having found a suitable matching paint.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Great or just good for 2up?
« on: July 12, 2020, 11:18:21 AM »
Hi ACE50 and :400: to the Forum !

I've not ridden Pillion on a Trophy, but reports from those that have have
generally agree that it is quite comfortable, although some longer legged passengers
have opted for fitting slightly lower footpegs.

There is a "Comfort" version of the Pillion seat, which IIRC has a Gel insert,
and while these are no longer in Stock at Triumph Dealers, they do crop up on
eBay etc, and within the Forum "Items for sale" Section.

If you have the optional Sliding Carriage with Triumph Top Box fitted,
there is a rubber Pad that can be fixed onto the Top Box,
making it more comfortable as a Back rest when the Pillion leans back.

As for things to look for when buying a Used Trophy, like ANY vehicle,
there have been a number of issues along the way, and I compiled a list of them.

Don't be put off by the size of the list - many are quite trivial and / or have
affected only a few Owners.  Notably for the US market there was a Software update
for the Audio system - the earlier version was causing batteries to flatten, which has
been resolved by the Update, and there has recently been a Worldwide Safety Recall
for a potential Ignition Switch Wiring problem.

Here is a Link to the Topic with much more information :

What to look for when Buying a Pre-Owned ( Used ) Trophy SE

Provided all Recalls have been done, and Servicing carried out, there are no reasons NOT
to buy a pre-owned Trophy, and if you can arrange to take a Test Ride on one,
you will find an even LONGER list of reasons why you SHOULD buy one !  :169:  :028:

Cheers  :821:

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