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Following up on the Walmart SuperTech ST6607.  It fit the bike correctly.  Is it made in the USA by Champion who also makes Mobil, Bosch etc.  I called Champion and was told the pass-through was at 13 PSI which is in line with the Triumph OE Wix filter which is 11-14 PSI.

The Walmart SuperTech filter is $2.97. 

Its a blue filter so that may be a negative to some.  Personally, I couldn't care less.

I broke down and ordered DealerTool a few minutes ago.  Price shipped to US was $99.90.

*Originally Posted by Saaz [+]
They want $30 for the filter here! The Trophy filter is the same as the Honda one for the STs, and for many other bikes like the FJRs etc etc.  Here is some general information

I have a Honda CTX1300 which has the ST1300 engine.  I used a Purolator TL14612 on my Honda, but it would not fit my Triumph Trophy SE.

*Originally Posted by Saaz [+]
They want $30 for the filter here! The Trophy filter is the same as the Honda one for the STs, and for many other bikes like the FJRs etc etc.  Here is some general information

This list is very helpful.  It references the Purolator ML16817 which agrees with the Purolator website.  Also it lists WIX 51358 which is the official Triumph filter on my 2017 model. 

Walmart has dropped the WalMart SuperTech ST7317 from its website.  However, another filter on the list Wal-Mart SuperTech ST6607 is still being sold by Walmart.  The SuperTech filters at Walmart are very high quality filters. 

No filter longer than 3" will fit under the fairing on the SE. 

Please note this comment from the Calsci site "Purolator has changed their filters from a concave to a convex fitting surface, so they no longer seal on some motorcycles."  This is correct, thus the PL to TL 14612 even though listed will not fit the Trophy SE. 

*Originally Posted by atvtinker [+]
If you can find the micron filtration number of the filter media and the correct bypass pressure then any filter that meets those 2 specs should work that are of the same size. There is a longer filter that has the same specs as ours. Even Wal-Mart carries that size in their brand. The number for that one is 7317 I believe. I would use that if it weren't for the fact it is white and would stick out like a sore thumb. I heard Fram makes Wal-Mart's filters.

Until today, I would have agreed with your comments in red.  However, there is another factor to consider - the recess depth of the threads in the filter.  See my earlier post today explaining why one of the referenced filters didn't work.

*Originally Posted by Ray_B [+]
I purchased an OEM oil filter (p/n T1210444) from the Triumph dealer for $13.00 +tax which seems a bit high.

Triumph - T1210444
HiFlo - HF204
Bosch - 3300
K&N - KN204
WIX - 51358
Purolator - PL14612
Mobil 1 - M1-108
SuperTech - ST7317
Amsoil - EaOM 103
Wal-Mart - 7317?

I do not believe the Purolator PL14612 will work.  I tried a Purolator TL14612 which is the same basic physical dimensions as the PL14612.  The TL series are "professional" filters as the T means technician. 

The Purolator web lookup says the correct Trophy SE filter is ML16817. 

I tried the TL14612 today.  After changing the oil and filter I worked on changing both tires.  After finishing changing the tires I noticed a puddle of oil under the bike.  The new filter was leaking so I tightened it and watched.  Sure enough, it continued to leak so I removed it for inspection. 

The specs on the TL14612 are very close to the original Wix filter 51358.  The TL is .15" longer and has 14-18PSI bypass versus 11-14 PSI bypass for the Wix.  Otherwise, they have the same specs, but the TL14612 will NOT work.

The attached pictures explain why.  On the Wix (Black-Triumph) filter the threaded area is recessed much deeper.  The second picture shows where the hex points on the threaded nipple inside the engine has scraped or scored the filter top.  So what is happening is that the filter is bottoming in the threaded area before the large sealing ring is contacting the engine. 

*Originally Posted by Saaz [+]
The triumph oil filters we get here say Made in the USA, so probably a rebadged one from a major manufacturer.

The genuine Triumph filter on my bike is a Wix.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Re: Pulsing Front Brakes
« on: October 22, 2020, 02:22:28 am »
I also have a slight pulse in my front brakes. 

While changing the front tire today I tried to move the bobbins.  None of them would budge a bit.  They are all very tight.  Since my bobbins are tight my pulsing could certainly be caused by a warped rotor.  I noticed one of the front rotors has more wear than the other.  The bike has 8,700 miles.

Tomorrow I will check them to determine if the rotors are warped. 

I have found a strange sensation on this bike that I have never experienced on any other bike.  I've had quite a few bikes in my day and currently have 4 bikes registered for road use. 

The sensation is difficult for me to describe and for me to even fully grasp.  It is while braking when the bike has slowed to 10 MPH or so, it seems as though the bike wants to pull to one side or dip to one side.  It seems it is to the left but maybe that is only because the last time I observed this I was turning left. 

I don't use the rear brake much and am not sure if this sensation occurs whether I am using the rear brake or not.  I just recently noticed this sensation and didn't in the prior 18 months that I have owned the bike.  Strange.  Maybe it was always there. 

Today I switched (left to right inside the same caliper) the pads in the front top left caliper as it seems that the inside pad was more worn than the outside pad.

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