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Rats!!!  I loves me a good rumor. :745:

New Members / Re: Hello from SE USA (Alabama)
« on: Today at 01:46:04 PM »
 :400: to the forum.  Do you ride at the moment, and if so what?  A lot of the members came from different brands and may provide some insight into the differences for you.

And Sena is offering trade ins on 20S and 30K models toward the purchase of the 50 series.  I have no need for the 50 features so I'll just keep my reliable 20S Evo.  If I decide I just can't live with the Sena speakers I have a set of Tork's that I use on an SMH10 with the earbud adaptor mount that they no longer make.  The Torks had much better sound on the SMH10 than the originals.

 :046:  Woohooo, a great new rumor for us!  Hope it turns out to be true.  If so they may base it on the 900 engine instead of the 1200.

Good luck with that 600 mile day on any electric.  I too like the comfort, range, and accessories, and I think you are right, the type is long gone except for a stick in the mud manufacturer that will eventually garner ALL of our market type, or our type won't ride at all, and zero competition will always kill a market.

Those dimensions would fit in the top case, but not flat the floor of it.  Can't get my phone photos to share to my email so I can upload them into my gallery images, but I'll keep trying so you can see what I'm talking about.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Why didnt the Trophy sell
« on: Yesterday at 08:58:17 PM »
Call of the wild I guess. :112:

It's 17-1/4" wide at the straight section at the back, but the radius in the corners makes it wider than that overall.  It does taper toward the front some, but still wide enough.  The issue for you will be that the lockset has a sloped intrusion into the case that makes it only have 10" of flat surface, and my 15" laptop is exactly 10" deep.  If you don't require your laptop to lay flat I'm sure it would fit.  I'll post some pictures for you shortly.

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