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Items for Sale / SOLD SOLD BRAND NEW set of Blue Panniers $350 SOLD
« on: July 22, 2020, 06:50:25 pm »
I sold my Trophy a few weeks ago (had to go lighter, old age you know) and need to clean out the remaining items I have left.  I bought a brand new set of blue panniers a couple years ago because I got a great deal on them.  I had dropped my Trophy on its side a couple times pushing it around and done some minor damage to the panniers, which I was able to repair, so I bought these in case I ever did major damage.  Although my bike was Silver, I thought the Blue would go good enough for the deal I got.  I never used these, they were never installed on the motorcycle, and they are as they were removed from their original packing.

I am in the suburbs just west of Chicago, Illinois.  My preference is a local pick up.  I do not have the original boxes that they were shipped in, they were huge and my wife said I could not keep them.  I kept the panniers wrapped in towels on a shelf in a climate controlled storage room in my home.

I have purchased suitable packing and packed them quite well.  They are packed in two separate boxes, each weighing 21 pounds and measuring 22x17x16.  They would ship from zip code 60126.

I put in a hypothetical ship to Spring Hill, Florida via UPS and it was $85.  If I tape the two boxes together the price goes down about $10, however, this would worry me as the "new" box is quite large, heavy and awkward.  I would not want it dropped by a driver trying to get it into or out of his truck.

Here are some pictures,

I want $350 for them, as this is the deal I got when I bought them.  I looked at them as insurance, because if I had to replace one it would cost me quite a bit more than $350.

Remember, these are brand new panniers, they do not come with a lock set, you can use the ones from your panniers or pick up a set from Triumph.

PM me with questions and total with shipping.

Ride Safe,
(Now riding a T120 Bonneville and a Tiger 800 XRT)

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Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Said Goodbye to my Trophy
« on: June 19, 2020, 11:32:10 pm »
It is with great sadness that I sold my 2013 Trophy today.  As I approach 67 in a couple weeks, it just got a little too heavy to move around when stopped.  One aftermarket knee and another one that does not work that well, limited my ability to move it easily.

I had more fun on this bike than any other I have ever ridden.  It saw many great sites in our wonderful country (USA) and never gave me a lick of trouble.

I sold it to a gentleman from the Detroit area and as I watched him ride off, I hoped he will get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

As for this Forum, you have been the greatest resource a person could ask for.  Always willing to answer a question, and always posting "how to" just about anything you would want to do to this bike.

Thank you for your help and friendly communication.

You may see me on a Bonneville or maybe in the near future a Tiger 800 or 900.  I will wave with a little bit of envy knowing you are on the superior steed.   :821:

Ride Safe




2013 Triumph Trophy SE ABS $6,500.00

2013 Triumph Trophy SE, in Silver.  I bought the bike in 2014 with 2,700 miles.

The bike has just shy of 24,700 miles. It had both the 10,000 mile check and the  20,000 mile check and maintenance at MCC in Villa Park, the local Triumph dealer. The bike has had its oil and filter changed this past April, at 24,392 miles. Its tires have approximately 5,000 miles on them and I would expect to get another 5,000 miles out of them easily.

It comes equipped with a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS with lifetime maps, heated grips (candidly, they do not get that hot), R&G Adventure Bars (crash bars), 2 RAM ball mounts (1 right side, 1 left), a National Cycle Sport Windshield, and 2 USB power outlets on the handle bars.

The bike currently has the original seats which only have about 3,000 miles on them.  I have the Corbin that I rode on for 21,000 miles which you can have for an additional $100, I also have two other National Cycle windshields, a Sport Touring and the Touring.  You can have them for an additional $75 each.

The motorcycle is lowered 20mm (3/4 inch) with Lust Racing lowering links. I will give you the original links if you want to raise the bike back to standard height.

In April I replaced the Brake Pedal pivot bolt T3331520, and Gear Shift pivot bolt T3331520 to avoid a hidden problem.

This motorcycle has been ridden around Arizona, South Dakota, the Smokey Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway to Virginia, Florida, and other spots along the way. It is a pleasure to ride. I am only selling it because I will be 67 in a few weeks and it is getting a little heavy for me to maneuver while stopped. I am going to miss it.

The bike has a few scratches and knicks, it was ridden, not pampered like a collectable. The left pannier has a repair but works just fine.

I will answer PMs. 

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Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Quarantine Maintenance
« on: April 01, 2020, 11:19:42 pm »
With spring here in Chicago but the weather just getting warm enough to ride, wouldn't you know it we are all under house arrest.

Not having done any end of season maintenance because of an early winter, I decided to roll the Trophy out of the garage and do my Spring maintenance.

I changed the oil, 9,000 miles on this change and it was very dirty, installed a new filter, and did what I do every oil change and although reluctant to start a heated discussion did the following.

I removed and replaced and lubed both the brake pedal pivot bolt and the gear shift pivot bolt.  I do this every oil change because the time it takes to replace them is probably 1/10th the time it takes to extract a broken one, and a lot cheaper because I do it in my back yard, with my tools.

The entire job, oil, filter, fill, and bolts, start to finish was 1.75 hours.

Just a suggestion for those who have never pondered what a pain in the butt it would be to have one break on the road. They have gotten a little more expensive but still under $13 each.

Ride safe my friends, I am going to try to ride tomorrow for essential resupply.


 :152:I have not started my TTSE in a few weeks and we have gotten cold and snow here in the Chicago area.  I went out to start it this morning and I got a Engine Management System Malfunction Indicator Light.  It stayed on and did not go off.  I did not ride the bike but just let it idle for about 15 minutes.  Everything sounded normal.  I turned it off and restarted it again a few minutes later and the Engine Management System Malfunction Indicator Light once again illuminated and stayed on.

I then turned off the bike and checked for DTC codes and the only one that is showing is P1521 which is "Lost communication with ABS".

My question is would this be the cause of the  Engine Management System Malfunction Indicator Light?  Or should I be looking for another cause?

Thanks for any help.

Ride Safe

On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / I bought another Triumph Please Help!
« on: October 20, 2019, 12:58:45 pm »
I became a Triumph convert a while ago buying a 2013 Trophy SE in 2014.  I love the bike and have put over 23,000 miles on it.  In fact I was so impressed with the engine, I bought a second Triumph, a 2015 Explorer 1200 XC, early last year.  That also was a great bike to ride but a little tall and top heavy for me.  As I age (66) and believe myself to be shrinking (5' 10") I found it more difficult to maneuver the Explorer at a stop and mount or dismount from it.

I traded the Explorer in this week on a new 2018 T-120 Bonneville. (Notice I am keeping the Trophy.)  My plan is to use the Bonneville for short rides around town and use the Trophy for all longer rides.

Now to explain why I need help.

This forum has been a great source of information on the Trophy, and there is a great forum for the Explorer (  Is there a forum this good for the 2018 T-120 Bonneville?  If you know of one, please let me know.

Hope to see you on the road, ride safe.


Age has gotten the best of me and I decided to get a bike a little lighter than the Trophy, I ended up with a Triumph Explorer 100 pounds lighter.

After a week, I decided, I had to keep both.


Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Garmin Zumo 660 Mount Information
« on: March 01, 2018, 12:20:13 pm »
I recently bought another motorcycle, a 2015 Triumph Explorer XC (Tex).  It is as much fun to ride as my TTSE, i just have to convince my wife of 41 years to let me keep both.  I digress from my intended post.

I own a Garmin Zumo 660 which is mounted to my TTSE and wired in.  I needed a new motorcycle mount to use this same GPS on my new Tex, however, Garmin stopped making the motorcycle mount for the Zumo 660 and the only ones available were on Ebay for at least 3 times the original cost.  Being the cheap old man that I am, I was not going to let this stop me.  I did some research, with no help from Garmin who I talked to at length and their only solution was pay the Ebay prices.  However, I found that the Garmin Aera 500 series aviation GPS units use the same mounting plate as the Zumo 660, and Garmin still makes mounts for the Aera 500 series aviation units.  Although the wiring is not exactly the same as the motorcycle mount, it is sufficient for my purposes.  There are two mounts available, I chose the first because of the simple wiring options it offered and it was cheaper.  Here are the Garmin links. 

The only thing missing was the weather cap which is also unavailable, but  that can be solved with a plastic bag and a rubberband over the mount if you are going to lock up the GPS while stopping for the night.  (If anyone has an extra weather cap, I would be happy to give you $10 plus up to $7.50 shipping for it.)

Hope this helps anyone looking for an additional mount.


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