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Time Out - General Chat / New Record
« on: July 14, 2014, 09:19:51 PM »
Hi all,

I've been a member here for a while and I hope my contributions have been helpful from time to time.  My other passion is gliding. I'm pleased to say that I've just recently set a new record and did a write up about it which you can read by following the link below. Before you click can I ask a favour? Please click on the 5th star to rate the article if you like it. (If you don't, please, please, please don't click on any. As my mother would say, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing!). This request is not driven by vanity. We (the gliding movement) are in dire straights here at the moment and we are trying to use this event a to generate as much publicity as possible. If enough people vote the article will make it into the 'Top Rated' section and be more visible for longer.


I had some noise/banging behind me recently. At first I thought something in the top box, but then discovered the rear seat loose. I suspected it hadn't clicked closed the last time I had it opened, as the key operation had been sticky for a while, I thought due to the grime thrown up by the rear wheel. It transpired however that the entire latch had come adrift.  Luckily, I found the latch and its bolt in the plastic tray underneath so I didn't loose any parts. With the jiggling around however it had also parted company with the operating cable. The top box probably saved me from loosing the seat altogether. I had to limp home, stopping frequently to reposition the seat, especially as driver's seat support disappeared any time the rear seat moved back.

I'm attaching some photos which might be helpful if you find yourself in this situation. It's not easy due to the confined space but it's possible to do the fix without dismantling anything. The hardest bit is getting the cable nipple back into the latch. Removing the rear light doesn't improve access but does let in some more light. The photos show two views of the latch, one of the bracket it should be attached to (enhanced with some paper behind it) and one of the reconnected latch with the nipple protruding. (Don't you just love protruding nipples!). I used some thread lock on the bolt this time - as Triumph should have done at the outset.

Learning from this experience I would suggest that you check the bolt is tight on your bike before the next ride and regularly after that. You might also consider using some thread lock. Also note the amount of corrosion on mine after only 1 year. This is due to the grime/salt/etc. getting in through the various openings around that area. I oiled mine thoroughly before reassembly. I suspect there's going to be seized latches and broken cables on many bikes down the line. That's going to be fun!

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Comparison
« on: March 22, 2013, 03:12:13 PM »
Here's a link to a good read for anyone who hasn't seen it.

One oversight, imo, for this kind of test is that they never mention luggage capacity. That's pretty essential for a tourer I would have thought and the panniers on the Jap bikes look tiny.

I don't agree fully with their conclusion. I did quite a lot of time test riding the BMW before I made my decision, right down to a last four hour run the day before I put my deposit on the Trophy. Yes, the engine is seriously smooth and makes a delicious sound - but only when revving. It can't be heard over the wind noise when cruising. What comes through all the time though is an annoying whine. The Trophy's weather protection is far superior and the seat is far more comfortable - two more essentials for tourers. I actually couldn't wait to give the GT1600 back after the last test ride. I was in bits!

Interestingly, there are posts somewhere from a guy called eujie who had the BMW for a year and traded it for a Trophy. That kinda tells a tale, doesn't it.

New Members / Almost there
« on: February 25, 2013, 09:53:53 PM »
Dia dhiabh from Ireland. I've got a blue SE due mid March. Virtual drinks on me when it comes!

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