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Ride Reports and Touring / True X
« on: May 13, 2018, 02:40:59 am »
The speed limits in the US vary for unlimited and limited access highways.  They vary from 55 to 80 MPH.  Depends on the state and the population density.  NE and WY have interstate speed limits of 80 MPH so can make good time.
For the True X the intention is to do it in 21 days or a little less.  Since I live in Milwaukee it is a ride to get to one of the corners to start with.  To add to it I intend on riding US 20 to Chicago to Kenmore Square in Boston to finish that highway.  Will then take US 1 north to Madawaska, ME.  The trip home will be from Key West, FL.  That will get another good chunk of US 1 done and I will have all of US 41 done except from Escanaba, MI to Copper Harbor, MI.  It is mostly all planned out, got the kit two days ago and it has the places to validate so can put that in the final plan.  I am right around 14300 miles for the 4 weeks I will be gone.  Starting out with fresh tires and intend is to get a oil change in Seattle.  Thank goodness for the 10,000 mile oil interval.  There is very little interstate riding other than the Burner 1000 or 1500 from St Joe, MO to Seattle, WA.
The planning was done with paper maps, I highly recommend the US map from Imus Geographics.  It has enough detail can plan off the Interstate system.  I used Google Maps to calculate the mileage.  I will average a little over 500 miles per day.
Any question that I have created more than willing to answer.

Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Moonshine Lunch Run
« on: February 10, 2017, 02:07:49 am »
Has anyone been to the Moonshine Lunch Run?  I am working up some day rides for the spring.

The first real vacation on the Trophy was a trip across the top of Lake Superior by way of middle of KY, in September of 2013.  Went through the following states WI, IL, KY, WV, VA, PA, NY, ON, MN and ND.  The temps ranged from 99 to 32.  Highly recommend the middle of KY from west to east or the other way around.  The Blue Ridge Parkway was enjoyable, that time of the year traffic was light.  Spent a day at the Camp Hill, PA Triumph dealer they were a good host and made a good effort to solve the problem while I found out about the ECM problem that the early Trophy's had.  My Dad had many jokes about warm British beer and Lucas electrics.  From there went up to Buffalo and into Canada.  Angled up towards the Chi-Cheemaun ferry, were I cut off 600 miles and got to ride a ferry, also stayed barely out of the reach of a hurricane.  From there over to Sault Ste Marie.  Then up around Lake Superior to Thunder Bay to Grand Forks and back home again.  Jim :001:

New Members / New to forum
« on: February 06, 2017, 12:25:41 am »
I have a 2013 Trophy in Pacific Blue.  Bought new that has been to 7 Canadian provinces and 29 states.  With 3 rides on ferries.
Have 30000 miles.  Have been the first at my dealer for most of the recalls and services.  Found out about the ECM module issue going going across KY in the fall of Sept 2013.  Bike had performed flawlessly for the first 5000 miles and since getting the new computer.

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