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Time Out - General Chat / Independence Day
« on: July 04, 2020, 08:23:54 AM »
Wishing all of our U.S. Trophy Forum Members a Happy 4th of July.

Stay Safe over there !  :028:

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / XM Antenna Plug & Socket ?
« on: April 23, 2020, 05:29:43 PM »
This is the Female Socket into which the ( US & Canadian market ) XM Radio Antenna plugs into :

This is the Plug that pushes into that Socket :

Does anyone know the specific name or designation of this type of connector ?
( Not just "DIN" or "FAKRA" which have many variants ! ).

Cheers  :821:

Accessories and Products / Luggage Rack for the Trophy Top Box / Trunk
« on: April 22, 2020, 05:00:44 PM »
With all this spare time I needed something to do, so I bought a Luggage Rack
to fit on the top of my Triumph Trophy Top Box.

After a bit of research & pinching other Member's ideas, I opted for the Givi E96B Luggage Rack,
which I bought from "Sportsbikeshop_Ltd" on eBay as they had the best price at the time ( 50.55 ).

You will need to find or make some parts to raise the height of the Rack by around 15mm.

I found some tubular stand off pieces from a previous TV Bracket mount that were just the right size,
but you could use any suitable size and colour of tube - around 17mm diameter, with a 6mm clearance hole.
The parts I used also happened to fit very nicely in some electricians Blind Blanking grommets -
the type normally used to protect cables entering a metal pattress box, and using these
with the Rubber washers provided in the Givi Fitting Kit gave the required clearance.

I used the Grommets to sit on the painted surface, with the tubular piece inside it,
then the rubber washer provided in the Givi mounting kit to sit between that and the Rack.

The next thing to do was work out exactly where to position the Rack on the Top Box lid.

Givi provide a couple of useful Templates for positioning and drilling the mounting holes
on two versions of their Top Boxes, but for the Trophy - where the height has to be increased
to clear the "Hump", this alters the positioning of the holes and the Templates should NOT be used.

After protecting the painted surface with masking tape, I carefully positioned the Rack,
taking measurements around the edges until I was completely happy with the alignment,
and then drew circles around the base of the mounts onto the Masking Tape.

After carefully double & triple checking the positioning of the Rack,
and having marked this on the Masking Tape, I drilled pilot holes through the Top box lid,
and through to the inside section of the Top Box, before opening the holes out to 7mm diameter.
( The mounting bolts used are 6mm diameter so this allows for a little adjustment if necessary ).

The Top Box and lid are both approximately 2mm thick, and by passing a bolt through from the
inside to the outside, measuring the stub that protruded, and subtracting this together with 4mm
for the thickness of the two sections of plastic from the length of the bolt, I was able to calculate
that the gap between the Top Box inner Section and the Painted Lid was approximately 5mm
at the rear mounting holes and 3.5mm at the front mounting holes.

Remove the lid by undoing the 5 x T20 Torx screws shown below,
noting the rubber "O" Ring and Washer on the forward central screw.

I had a selection of "Penny" washers - some 1.5mm thick and some 2.0mm, so it was easy to
make up the required size to fill the void between the Inner and Outer sections.   Using some
wide PVC tape, I stuck the Penny Washers in place over the drilled holes, and cut holes in the tape.

It was then simply a case of using the existing cup washers from the Givi Fixing Kit,
some longer M6 x 40mm Machine Screws with Countersunk heads, and another Penny Washer
under each of them to spread the load and reduce the strain on the plastic sections,
passing the Bolt through from the inside to above the lid,
and screwing them carefully and evenly into the Rack.

Job done !

For anyone contemplating this task, I found a guide with quite a detailed description
for carrying out the procedure using the after market DealerTool device - which cycles the
ABS Valves allowing all of the Fluid in the ABS system to be completely bled through.

DISCLAIMER : I have not needed to perform this task myself yet,
and cannot verify the accuracy of the content, it's source or author.

Edited to add :
The attached document describes the process for Sprint and Tiger models, the Trophy system is similar.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Triumph Trophy QUIZ !
« on: April 05, 2020, 11:56:47 PM »
While we are all mostly confined to our homes
and unable to ride, here's a Triumph Trophy Quiz !

There are no prizes, it's just for fun.

ALL of the answers can be found somewhere in the Forum !

Reply to the Topic with your answers ( e.g. 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D etc )
and I will announce the "Winner(s)" after one week
( or longer depending on the number of particpants !).

1.  How can you switch the Headlight on,
for example to check the bulbs are both working,
WITHOUT starting the engine ?

A.  You can't
B.  Set the switch to Main Beam before turning on the Ignition
C.  Hold the Main Beam "Pass" button in while switching on the Igntion
D.  Hold the clutch lever in while switching on the Ignition

2.  What size tyres are fitted as standard to the latest Model of Triumph Trophy

A.  Front 110/70 R17, Rear 180/55 R17
B.  Front 120/70 R17, Rear 190/55 R17
C.  Front 120/75 R17, Rear 195/55 R17
D.  Front 120/70 R18, Rear 190/55 R18

3.  Who was the owner of the previous Model Triumph Trophy 900cc
in British Racing Green, pictured in the History of the Triumph Trophy page ?

A.  John Bloor
B.  Coconut
C.  The Forum Administrator ( "Admin" )
D.  Nick Bloor

4.  What is this :

A.  Fairing screw
B.  Gear Change Pedal or Rear Brake Pedal Pivot Bolt
C.  Windscreen screw
D.  Not a Triumph Trophy part.

5.  How often should the Camshaft timing be checked ( and adjusted )

A.  Annually
B.  Every 10,000 miles
C.  At 20,000 miles only
D.  Every 20,000 miles

6.  What feature(s) is/are incorporated into the Pillion seat ?

A.  Provisions for storing the Owners Handbooks
B.  Luggage Tie down straps
C.  Handbook storage AND tie down straps
D.  Neither A.or B.

7.  Can the engine be started if the Side Stand is down ?

A.  YES as long as the clutch is pulled in
B.  YES as long as the clutch is pulled in AND the gearbox is in Neutral
C.  YES as long as the clutch is pulled in with the Gearbox in any gear
D.  NO.

8.  What is the diameter of the rear brake disc ?

A.  320mm 
B.  302mm
C.  228mm
D.  282mm

9.  What is the recommended tightening Torque
for the front and rear brake pad retaining pins ?

A.  18 NM
B.  18 ft.lbf
C.  25 NM
D.  25 ft.lbf

10. What is the Triumph Part Number of the Locknuts
used to secure the Rear Suspension Unit Drop Links ?

A.  T3550234
B.  T3550324
C.  T3350324
D.  T3350234

Enjoy !

A Forum Member recently found that the Fitting Kit
for the Triumph / Datatool S4 alarm system is no longer available
as a separate Kit ( Part Number A9800075, RRP around 70.00 ),
and is only available now as part of the complete Alarm system,
"while stocks last".

The Fixing Kit mainly comprises :

  • Bracket to fit around the Alarm Unit
  • 2 x "Well Nuts" and 2 x Screws to attach the Bracket to the Trophy Frame
  • Magnetic Reed Switch and Magnet for the Pillion Seat
  • "Shroud" ( Plastic Box ) to enclose the Wiring Plug and Socket - preventing tampering.

With the exception of the "Shroud" - which could easily be replaced by a suitable sized
ABS Plastic project box, I have managed to find sources for the other parts if anyone needs any.

The Mounting Bracket, Well Nuts and Screws, together with a Universal Reed Switch and Magnet
are all available from Peter Mouser - "The Bike Alarm Man" who is an authorised installer
for Datatool and many other Alarm manufacturers, and who has been very helpful
in providing these parts at a sensible price.

The Universal Reed switches are supplied with bare wires.
The Reed Switch supplied with the Triumph branded alarm has a 2 pin moulded plug
for direct connection to the Socket on trailing wires from the Alarm Unit.

The Moulded Plug could be cut off from the Alarm Unit and the wires soldered together,
but for a more professional job, I have identified the type of Moulded Plug and the
respective Female connection pins which are available from RS Components,
and other suppliers of TE Connectivity products, as follows :

Moulded Plug, Available in packs of 5 :
TE Connectivity MATE-N-LOK Male Connector Housing, Part No.  172165-1,  RS Stock Number 483-8556

Female Wiring Pins, available in packs of 100 :
TE Connectivity MATE-N-LOK Female Contacts, Part No. 770986-1, RS Stock Number 669-3125

I have a small stock of the Moulded Plugs and Contact Pins - Send me a PM if you need any !

I have For Sale a Standard Trophy ( Non SE ) Manually adjustable Rear Suspension Unit,
Part Number T2057500, which has a Retail Price when new of 723.08 ( World of Triumph ).

As a complete assembly it comprises :

The Main Suspension strut and Coil Spring assembly,
Upper Metalastic Bush ( T2057501 )
Upper Sleeve for Linkage Bolt ( T2052100 )
Lower Needle Roller Bearing and Oil Seals ( T2057502 )
Manual Pre Load Adjuster, Complete ( T2057505 )
Pre Load Adjuster Bracket - Fitted as shown ( T2054710 )
Splash Guard - Fitted as shown ( T2057503 ).

There are one or two cosmetic marks and the centre strut has what appears to be
some white paint or similar splash marks ( which would probably clean off )
as shown below, but it is otherwise in perfect, as new condition.

Price is 200 + Delivery ( at whatever the actual cost is ), but ONLY within the UK.
Alternatively, it can be collected from me in South Birmingham,
or depending on distance I may be able to deliver personally.

Send me a Private Message with your Contact details if interested.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / List of Abbreviations
« on: December 13, 2019, 08:11:56 AM »
I compiled a List of the various Abbreviations appearing within the documentation
for our Triumph Trophy, which some Members might find useful.

Let me know if I've missed any and I will add them.   :028:

A-Amps( Amperes )
AF-Alternative Frequency ( Audio System )
Ah-Amp hour
API-American Petroleum Institute
ATDC-After Top Dead Centre
AVC-Automatic Volume Control ( Audio System )
ABS-Anti-Lock Brake System
BTDC-Before Top Dead Centre
CAN-Controller Area Network
CAT-Category ( XM Satellite Radio )
DC-Direct Current
DMM-Digital Multi Meter
DOT (e.g. "DOT 4" )-Department Of Transportation ( US )
DPS-Digital Signal Processor ( Audio System )
DSM-Diagnostic Status Manager
DTC-Diagnostic Trouble Code ( Fault Code )
ECM-Engine Control Module
ECU-Electronic Control Unit
EEPROM-Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EMS-Engine Management System
EON-Enhanced Other Network ( Audio System )
EPC-Electronic Parts Catalogue
EQ-3 Band Equalisation ( Audio System )
FM-Frequency Modulation
GPS-Global Positioning System
HOAT-Hybrid Organic Acid Technology ( Coolant )
HT-High Tension
KM ( or Km )-Kilometre(s)
Km/h-Kilometres per hour
LED-Light Emitting Diode
LW-Long Wave ( Audio System )
MAP Sensor-Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MIL-Malfunction Indicator Light ( Engine Management Light )
MM ( or mm )-Millimetre(s)
MPH-Miles Per Hour
MTBE-Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
MW-Medium Wave ( Audio System )
NAV-Navigation System
NGLI-National Lubricating Grease Institute
ODO-Odometer ( Miles / KM's )
PSI / psi-Pounds per Square Inch
PTY-Programme Type ( Audio System )
RES-Resume ( Cruise Control )
RON-Research Octane Number ( Fuel )
RPM-Revolutions Per Minute
TDC-Top Dead Centre
TDLS-Triumph Dynamic Luggage System
RDS-Radio Data System ( Audio System )
RG-Regional Frequency ( Audio System )
RSU-Rear Suspension Unit
SAI-Secondary Air Injection
TA-Traffic Announcement ( Audio System )
TES-Triumph Electronic Suspension
TPMS-Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
TTC-Triumph Traction Control
USB-Universal Serial Bus ( Audio System )
VIN-Vehicle Identification Number
vBatt-Battery Voltage
WX-Weather Radio ( Audio System )

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