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Does anyone still have a copy of the orginal "motorad"
Triumph Trophy Review that was published in late 2012
when the Model was first launched ?

( I'm fairly sure it was by "motorad" but I cannot find a copy of the review on line ).

Within the review it was mentioned about the failure of the Ignition switch wiring,
and I would really like to be armed with a copy of that in a report to Triumph
and the UK DVSA about this ongoing problem.


NOTE : This Topic is "Locked" so comments may not be added,
however PLEASE READ - as your HELP is needed !

Members may already know about the problem of Ignition Switch Wiring failures,
discussed extensively in these Topics :

Ignition Switch Wiring Failures,

Complete electrical shutdown,

Ignition switch wiring

No Horn, Front & Rear Position Lights or Brake Light,

Ignition switch diy repair,

.... and probably several others.

I have noted that Members increasingly reporting such Faults are receiving a response from Triumph
that it is NOT a "known issue" and are not receiving any help with rectifying the fault.
( Most Owners are now out of their initial 2 year Warranty period ).

More importantly than the financial cost and inconvenience of repairs, it is my personal opinion
that this is a SERIOUS Safety issue where a rider could experience a total loss of power while riding,
with no warning, that could easily have disastrous / fatal consequences.

It is for that reason that I have published the below list for reference,
collated from many of the Posts within this Forum, clearly demonstrating
that this is NOT an isolated problem.

I am not normally the rebellious type, but as can be seen from the List,
this problem can affect ANY Trophy from 2012 onwards, and I intend to write
to both Triumph and the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA )
urging Triumph to reconsider this matter, and devise a solution that can be applied
as a Safety Recall, BEFORE the above potential consequences are realised.

In order to do this I need YOUR help.

Please check the below List to make sure you are on it, if your Trophy has had this problem.
If not please let me know .......

I then need you to send me some additional details, by Private Message,
which I will not disclose on the Forum,other than updating the below list with the anonymised details.

Please send me the following details :

  • Name
  • Address
  • Trophy Registration / VIN Number
  • Year of manufacture
  • Approximate Mileage when fault occurred
  • Approximate date of failure
  • was this reported to Triumph ?
  • Was this reported to DVSA ( or the equivalent Department of Motoring outsdie the UK ) ?

I will assume that by providing the above information you consent to it being included
in my correspondence to Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. and DVSA.

No.MemberTrophy YearMileageFailure Date
17billyboy56201328,000 Km28/01/17
19Dutchie201530,000 Km14/11/16
20karl andrews201317,20817/09/16
22Tiny Tim2013-08/09/16
24Brit Al20149,300??/10/16
26atuti201232,000 Km02/05/16
31digital20127,000 Km19/08/15
35 motorad 2013-??/??/13

Thank You.

Items for Sale / Set of 3 x NGK CR8EK Spark Plugs ( UK Only )
« on: August 22, 2019, 06:48:23 PM »
I bought a set of Spark Plugs for my Trophy Service recently,
and as they were such a good price I bought a few extra !

These are genuine, brand new NGK plugs from a reliable Motor Factors.

I have 3 sets of 3 available at 23.73 + 1.32 Postage within the UK - Total 25.05 !
( I'm passing them on at the price I paid, and at the actual Postage cost ! )

World of Triumph's current price for a set of 3 is 34.14, plus 4.50 for Shipping within the UK.

These Plugs can be obtained at a slightly cheaper price from well known auction sites, if you trust
the Seller, and trust that they really are brand new, and not used Plugs that have been cleaned up !

Drop me a PM if interested.


Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Front Daytime Running Lights
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:16:03 PM »
Prompted by another Forum Member ( Cheers Wilko ! ) I bought some
"LED Switchback DRL Indicators", from eBay, and wired them up.
( Search eBay for "LED Switchback" and they should come up - usually from China though  :159: )

I'm all for making myself as visible as possible to others,
without going "over the top" and I really like these .....

In essence they are dual colour LED's, or "2 in 1" LED's,
used in place of the original Indicator bulbs, where the White LED's are ON permanently,
like the Stock Position Light, ( although I have them wired through a separate switch -
so I can choose whether to have them ON or OFF ), and as soon as the Indicator switch
is operated, the White light switches off on that side, and the Amber LED flashes on that side.

These Photos shows a comparison of the Stock "Postion" Light,
the small Bullet LED DRL's I had previously fitted,
and the new "Switchback" DRL Indicators :

The new LED's are quite bright, and make the front end much more visible in the daytime,
by utilising the Reflector and Lens of the Indicators.

In normal use, both Indicators are a nice crisp, blue / white,and as soon as the Indicators are operated,
this changes to Amber - flashing as usual thanks to the In-Line Resistor supplied as part of the kit.
( A 12V power feed is needed for the DRL's otherwise the installation is pretty simple ).

When the Indicators are changed, there is a short delay, and then the White DRL comes back on.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Spare Parts List
« on: August 01, 2019, 12:33:28 AM »
My latest offering to our Forum Members is a Parts List for the Trophy,
that I have compiled from a variety of Publicly available sources,
including "World of Triumph"

This is a useful resource for :
  • Finding Part Numbers to order
  • Estimating cost of repairs
  • Using referenced information ( e.g Bolt sizes ) to source alternative Parts
  • Using exploded drawings for Maintenance

Obvious errors ( and there were quite a few ! ) have been edited out,
but if you spot any more - please send me a "PM" and I will correct the list.

Prices, where quoted, are provided purely for information, and while they were correct
as at 01/08/19 they will not be updated after that date !

Click the Link below to download the Parts List  :028:

Disclaimer : As with any of my Posts, the information is provided with the sole intention
of being useful to other Forum Members, but Members should not rely on the information
and should confirm with an authorised Triumph Dealer before committing to any purchase.

Cheers  :821:

Click HERE to download my Triumph Trophy Parts List

Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Ride To The Wall ( RTTW ) UK, 2019
« on: July 31, 2019, 09:27:50 PM »
Are there any Trophy Forum Members attending this year ?

If so where are you assembling at - I might just turn up and join you !

Ride to The Wall 2019 at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Looking for something to do / somewhere to go on Sunday ?

How about this ..... Near Leek, Staffordshire, UK ( Postcode ST13 8SW ).

How are you're riding skills holding up? Are you happy with your skill level?
Think you can be a better rider? Why not come down to the Bikers' Breakfast
at Tittesworth Reservoir near leek on Sunday and have your riding assessed
by our excellent team of BikeSense Instructors and IAM Observers?

You can pre-book your slot by calling 0300 111 8012 or emailing,
times available are 10:30, 11:15, 12:00, 12:45 & 13:30.

The event runs from 10am to 2pm with lots of stands and free bacon or sausage baps......
and altough places are limited some places mey be still available for taster sessions,
so just ask at the Think Bike stand.....see you Sunday.

Bikers Breakfast, Tittesworth.

I'm hoping to be there - on the IAM stand - come and say "Hi"  :028:

I've started this separate Topic, for clarity, but Members should also refer to this Topic,
if the wiring at the Fusebox, as described below, is found to be intact :

Ignition Switch Wiring Failures.
( Where a break of certain wires at the Ignition switch can result in this, and other faults ).

Fuse No.6 ( 15A ) of the Rear Fusebox, controls the Horn, Position Lights, Brake Light,
and Top Box Power ( when the Top Box optionn has been fitted ).

Remove the left side panel to access the Fuseboxes.
( Disconnect the Heated Seat Switch if fitted
so the Panel can be placed out of harms way ! ).

Using test equipment, check that Fuse No.6 ( 15A ) is intact.

Next, using a suitable Voltmeter, ( or Bulb and wires ), remove he Fuse and check
that there is Voltage at the Input side of the Fuse ( the side nearest the centre of the bike ).
Main Battery voltage should be present at this terminal with the Ignition OFF :

If Voltage is present at the Input side of the Fuse, and the Fuse is intact,
there should be Voltage present at the Output side of the fuse when the fuse is inserted,
and out via the Orange wire running to the Ignition Switch Multi Plug, and a second wire
coloured Green with a Brown Stripe to the Top Box Power Relay.

The wires underneath the Fusebox are tricky to get at, and need a little careful dismantling.
Take into account that there are permanently LIVE wires entering the Fusebox,
so it is recommended that the Main Battery is disconnected prior to dismantling,
to guard against any inadvertent Short circuits to the frame !

Depress the catch in the side of the twin Relay Housing attached to the Fusebox,
lift the Relays Housing up, and move it out of the way. 

If the Heated Rider seat option is fitted, Depress the catch on the side of the connector
just rearwards of the Fusebox, and then lift the Connector socket upwards off its Mounting bracket
and position it out of the way.

The Rear fusebox can then be removed from its bracket - depress the catch and lift the fusebox upwards.

There is not a lot of slack in the wiring loom, but the Fusebox can then be CAREFULLY manoeuvred
around the various brackets until it can be turned upside down to examine the contacts underneath.

The large Brown wire shown below provides Power to the Input side of Fuse No.5,
which is connected via a metal strip to Fuse No.6 ( and others ) as shown.

Check the integrity of the wiring and connections using Test equipment,
and check the wiring loom for any signs of chafing or damage.

If any problems are found with the Fusebox or wiring, a repaiir will be needed -
the Fusebox is integral to the main Harness and is not available as a separate part.

If all is well, refer back to the Ignition Switch Wiring Fault Topic mentioned at the start of this Message.


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