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Items for Sale / Garmin 590 / 595 Motorcycle Cradle Mount - NEW
« on: February 25, 2021, 09:32:15 am »
Brand New and unusued Cradle Mount with Weatherproof cover and mounting bolts etc
specifically for the Garmin 590 or 595 Model of Sat Nav ( Will not work with other Models ).

As supplied by Garmin the Power wires are bare - I have fitted a connector plug
that will push straight in to the Trophy Nav Power Socket.

The wiring harness has connections for :

  • Power ( As above )
  • USB ( Media Input )
  • 2.5mm Microphone Input Socket
  • 3.5mm Loudspeaker / Headphone / Trophy Socket
  • 3.5mm Audio Input Socket

RRP from Garmin is 41.99 + delivery.

Offered for sale here at 30.00 including UK delivery.

Please enquire by Private Message.

Also advertised elsewhere so may be withdrawn from sale at any time.

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Garmin 595 Lifetime Maps ( Full Europe )
« on: February 21, 2021, 12:03:48 pm »
This is a blatant "plug" for anyone in the UK thinking of taking advantage of the remnants  of
Winter weather to fit a Sat Nav - ready for the new riding season, that hasn't seen my advert ! .....

I'm selling my Garmin Zumo 595 LM ( which has Full Europe Lifetime updatable maps ),
AND a brand new Triumph Trophy Sat Nav bracket, over in the Items For Sale Section.

Rumours are circulating of an impending announcement tomorrow
that some of the Covid travel restrictions are expected to be gradually lifted,
and as soon as it is permitted I will be able to offer a FREE fitting service to the buyer,
where the cost of petrol to get to my place will be offset by not having to pay any delivery charges !

FOR SALE: Garmin 595LM SAt Nav AND Trophy Sat Nav Bracket !

Cheers  :821:

Items for Sale / Garmin 595 Motorcycle Mounting Cradle / Wiring Harness
« on: February 10, 2021, 03:59:37 pm »
This is a "previously used" Garmin 595 Motorcycle Cradle,
complete with the four fixing bolts and Lock Nuts,
and the removable Weatherproof cover.

As far as I am aware this Cradle is designed for use ONLY with the 595 Model,
and will NOT accept, for example the 660 Model.

The wiring harness includes connections for :

  • Power supply ( "+" and "-" ) - Can be conected to the Trophy NAV
    Power supply using the Triumoh Accessory GPS Connector A9938122
  • Loudspeaker Output ( 2.5mm Jack Socket -
    Connects to the Trophy NAV Audio Input if required )
  • USB Input ( e.g. for Media / Music files )
  • Microphone Input ( 2.5mm Jack Plug )
  • Audio Input ( 2.5mm Jack Socket )

This is in perfect working order - the cable does show a few marks
from having been fitted previously, though these are not visible
when installed onto the Triumph Sat Nav bracket for your Trophy.

The Mounting Cradle has 4 holes of a standard pattern,
which can be fitted directly onto the Triumph dedicated Sat Nav bracket,
or to a suitable RAM type fitting ( not included ).

The usual RRP for this Cradle is around 35.00 to 40.00

Offered For Sale at 20.00 INCLUDING UK Postage.

Items for Sale / Triumph Accessory / GPS Power Connector A9938122
« on: February 10, 2021, 03:27:23 pm »
I have a "previously used" Triumph Accessory / Power connector cable
( A9938122 ) For Sale, which will plug directly into the "NAV" Power
Socket of the Trophy, for powering a Sat Nav device.

The cable length is a little over 65cm. 

Also included are half a dozen Cable Ties,
and two Crimp Connectors ( though I would recommend soldering ).

RRP from World of Triumph is 10.13 + Postage,
though they are currently listed as "Unavailable".

Offered For Sale at 6.00 INCLUDING UK Postage.

Please send a Private Message to enquire.

Items for Sale / Garmin 595LM SAt Nav AND Trophy Sat Nav Bracket !
« on: February 10, 2021, 03:12:09 pm »
Garmin Zumo 595 LM with Trophy Power Connector + Trophy Sat Nav Bracket

This is my Garmin Zumo 595 LM ( Lifetime Maps )
Sat Nav complete kit, comprising the following :

  • Garmin Zumo 595 LM with latest UK & Europe Maps installed
    ( Full coverage of Europe 2021.10 )
    Information, Specifications, and User Manual available from Garmin here :
    Garmin 595 LM - Full Europe Maps.

    Future Map updates are included for the Lifetime of the device at no additional cost,
    using the "Garmin Express" Windows software available from Garmin.

    NOTE : There is a tiny mark on the lower left of the screen -
    which is hardly noticable and does not affect its use.
    The device has been reset to Factory specifications and all personal data removed.

    Included is :
  • Garmin 595 LM
  • Battery AND a Spare Battery
  • NEW unused Mounting Cradle Kit ( A9828032 ),
    including Screws and Finisher, FITTED with Triumph Trophy
    Accessory Power Connector to plug straight in to the NAV Socket.
  • Front Weatherproof Cover for Cradle
  • Powered Car Windscreen Cradle Mount ( With built in Loudspeaker )
  • USB Data / Charging Cable
  • Selection of RAM Mounts ( not needed if Trophy CNC Bracket is used )
  • Original Instruction Booklet and Leaflets
  • Original Box and Despatch note

RRP of a new Garmin 595LM is currently 549.99 from Garmin.
RRP of a GPS Power Cable ( A9930122 ) is 9.35 from World of Triumph
RRP of the CNC machined GPS Mounting Bracket ( A9828032 ) is 46.64 from World of Triumph.

TOTAL RRP = 605.98 when new !

Offered For sale at just 270.00 plus UK Delivery Costs for the complete kit,
OR - Without the CNC Machined Sat Nav Bracket - 235.00 plus UK Postage.

Local Collection ( Birmingham ) or Local Delivery ( West Midlands ) may be possible.

FITTING may be possible at a mutually convenient time,
but obviously subject to COVID restrictions !

Please send a Private Message for any further details or to enquire.

NOTE : Also advertised elsewhere so may be withdrawn from sale here at any time !

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Rear Lighting
« on: December 25, 2020, 09:16:28 am »
You may have seen my original "How To" article for adding a pair of LED Stalk Lights
to the rear of my Trophy ...... HOW TO : Add rear LED Stalk Lights

I've now added two more Modifications to the rear lights.

The first is a simple swap out of the stock Tungsten Filament Indicator Bulbs,
for a pair of LED Bulbs that are MUCH brighter. 

I bought a set from eBay that cost GBP 13.95 for the pair including UK Postage,
and are "CANBUS Compatible" needing no additional Resistors etc,
and which could also be used for the front Indicators, which take the same Bulb type  :

Next, I re-jigged the wiring to the additional Brake Lights of the Stalk Lights,
and fitted a HealTech Brake Light Pro Programmable Modulator, ( GBP 39.99 )
so that the Stalk Lights operated independently of the Trophy "Main" Brake light.

Here's a video showing the original modification,
with the stock Indicator bulbs, and no Brake Light Modulation.

Notice the slight delay between the Stock Indicator bulbs and the LED Stalk lights,
due to the Tungsten Filament bulbs having to "Heat up",
compared to the LED's that don't ! ....

Now here's a Video showing the latest modification, with LED Indicators,
and the Brake Light Modulator fitted ( Set to "Program 11" ! ) :

Cheers  :821:

I took my rear wheel off recently for cleaning.

One of the Studs was corroded onto the Wheel Nut,
and the Stud unscrewed from the Final Drive Unit !

It was easy enough to remove the Stud from the Nut -
a little WD40, gripped the plain section in a vice, then unscrewed it.

I have since re-fitted it to the Final Drive Unit
after applying some Hylogrip HY2170 Thread Locking compound
to the end that screws into the Final Drive Unit.

While the Stud was out, having recalled that another Member had
difficulty finding replacements, after he found SHEARED Studs on his Trophy,
I took the opportunity to measure them - as in the below Image.

I haven't yet found anyone that supplies these Studs.
( Please let me know if YOU do ! ).

Hopefully the measurements will help anyone that needs to have some made.

Cheers  :821:

It's that time of year for regular maintenance and cleaning,
so I decided to pull the Left Control Plate ( Footrest Hanger ),
in order to remove the Gear Change Pedal Pivot Bolt and replace it
with a modified bolt, as discussed elsewhere in the Forum.

First remove the Plastic Heel Guard ( 2 x 5mm Button Head Allen bolts ),
to reveal the Lower Rear Subframe Bolt.
Remove the bolt using a 14mm Socket and a 14mm spanner to hold the nut.

Next, remove the Sidestand bolt next to the Footrest ( 8mm Allen key ). 
There's no need to fully remove the Sidestand.

This leaves the three T40 Torx bolts.
These bolts have Thread Locking compound applied to them,
and although they had been removed previously,
what remained of the compound was still doing a good job !

The lower T40 Torx bolt decided to stay where it was,
and due to a combination of the Thread Locking compound,
the Bolt Head and my T40 Bit being slightly worn, not to mention
a little ham-fistedness, I managed to "bugger it up" !  :138:

After a lot of head scratching and consulting fellow Member and engineering Guru "1675",
I carefully used a 4.8mm drill bit to drill the hole within the Bolt about 5mm deeper.
( A 4.8mm drill clears the exisiting "teeth" of the Torx bolt so as not to damage them further ).

I bought some T40 Torx Impact Bits and using a Manual Impact Driver
hammered one of the Bits into the Bolt head.   
The extra 5mm depth of hole and the hardened steel of the
Impact Bit alllowed the Bit to be forced further into the bolt
sufficiently enough to grip and be unscrewed - Phew !

If that hadn't worked the next step would have been to use a 10mm diameter drill bit
( being the size of the plain section of the bolt that fits through the Control Plate
and locates into the Frame ),  to carefully drill the head off the bolt and allow the Control Plate
to slide over it and be removed, and then use Mole Grips on the remaining protruding stud.

After removing that troublesome bolt, plus the other two T40 Torx bolts,
and freeing the Power Socket mounting plate from the two rubber grommets,
the Control Plate could be removed.

A new bolt ( T2020609 ) was purchased to replace the damaged one,
but before using it the Thread Locking compound was cleaned from it,
and also from the other two Torx bolts, using a wire brush.

The original Gear Pedal Bolt was removed, and I also took the opportunity
to change the Seals on the Gear Lever Linkage Ball Joints,
cleaning and greasing them before fitting the new modified pivot bolt.

Finally, before refitting the Side Control Plate, I ran an M8 x 1.25 Tap in and out
of the mounting holes in the frame a few times, including the Gear Pedal Pivot bolt
hole which is the same thread, to remove the last traces of Thread Locking Compound.

I applied a light smear of Copper Grease to the Torx and Gear Pedal bolts.

Position the Side Control Plate and fit the Torx bolts but don't tighten
them at this stage which will make it easier to line up the mounting hole
for the Lower Rear Subframe Bolt. 

Once the Subframe bolt has been fitted, but not yet tightened,
fit the Footrest bolt, but again don't fully tighten it yet.

Ensure the Control plate is positioned correctly against the frame mounting points, and the
10mm shoulder of the bolts are sitting inside the holes of the Control Plate, tighten the Torx bolts. 
( The Service Manual says to tighten them to 25Nm )
Tighten the Rear Subframe bolt to 60Nm and the Sidestand bolt to 45Nm.

The process is similar for the Right Control Plate, giving access to the Rear
Brake Pedal Pivot bolt, but without the Sidestand and Rear Subframe bolts to contend with.

As the Thread Locking compound has been removed,
I will be regularly checking the Torx bolts to ensure they are still tight.

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