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Fuse Block, Driving Lights, New Horns, GPS Mounted on Dash, Powered Tank Bag all in one thread, going for broke.

First time I have ever had the skin off the Trophy. It's pretty new to me - a 2017 SE.  Never performed any service other than adding gasoline and air in tires. I am a total newby--- but here we go. 

I got the GPS with Sat radio installed so far using the Triumph power patch wiring.  That made it simple.

Next is the Eastern Beaver PC-8 Fuse Panel/block.  I decided the best place for this fuse panel is under the seat.  I want to keep bike's wiring as clean and unmolested as possible.  There is a tremendous amount of electronics and thus wires in the front end of the bike.  I just couldn't see adding to the mess.  My goal is to have the least number of interactions with the bikes electrical system as possible so I plan to run all my modifications through this fuse block.

I purchased a wiring harness from Eastern Beaver to power the fuse block, but failed to get the leads long enough to reach from the battery to under the seat so I had the cut the leads to the battery and splice in longer sections. 

You can see my yellow splices as the wires are resting on the battery.

First question: the leads are 12 gauge wire.  However, I am using 600 volt commercial A/C wire versus automotive wire for these splices.  Since the wires will be inside a protective cover and zipped tied in place does anyone foresee problems with the use of this wire instead of automotive wire?

Under the seat I notched the plastic reinforcements where the "D" lock would sit.  I plan to use the rubber strap to hold the Fuse block in place. 

I had an issue with the operation of the clamping mechanism which I resolved. Its explained in a Youtube video on my channel.

I have no idea how many of their tire changers were impacted by this issue. It can be solved in less than 30 minutes.

Please report whether you have/had the same issue.

Items for Sale / Low Rider Custom Seat with Gel Insert
« on: August 15, 2019, 04:31:41 am »
I purchased a seat and had it contoured at the front to relieve the gonad pressure point present on the OEM seat.  To that a large gel insert was installed and a new cover made.  This was done by a local custom seat maker. 

It didn't work for me.  It seems the only seat I can ride on is a Russell Day-Long so I had one made which means I need to sell the gel seat.

The last picture is of the Russell Day-long to illustrate how extensively Russell modified the seat front to relieve the gonad pinch.

Asking $275 Price is OBO.

Items Wanted / Wanted - stock rear shock suspension links.
« on: May 22, 2018, 02:39:47 am »
Send me a PM.

Tried to get the bike on the center stand and it was like trying to move a stubborn mule.  You can pull and tug all you want and it just stares at you like you're a jack-ass.  I really think this bike was laughing at me.   :183:

Trust me, I have had lots of bikes with centerstands and I use them a lot but this one would require 2 maybe three people.  I know, I know, use your weight, stand on the arm and pull up on the bike with your hand. 

I'm telling you it simply didn't budge.  The last time I experienced something remotely this bad was on a K1100RS with a flat rear tire, but I did get it on the stand. 

No way will this happen on the Triumph.  Therefore, I presume the bike has been lowered?  Is the rear suspension stock?  It has what I call a turnbuckle i.e. turn the center and both ends either pull in to shorten or extend to lengthen. 

2017 Trophy with 3Kmiles and a Corbin seat - I want to sell the Corbin or trade for stock seats (rider and passenger). 

I am completely confused as to the proper part number(s) I need to use the GPS mount on the dash.

I found this item on The part is #A9828011 listed for $45.  Is that for the entire assembly in the picture?  Description says for XM radio.  Does the bike itself have XM radio or is it referring to the GPS?
Also for $40.

The price is much less than this one GPS Mount kit #A9828009 which is $80.  :087:

What is the difference between A9828011 and A9828009?  Which do I need for a 2017 USA Trophy? :148:

There is also a GPS Connector here: Part #A9938122 for $10.00.  What is this for?  I have a Garmin 660 motorcycle GPS - how would I use this connector?   :435:

Guess I sound totally ignorant in my questions and for good reason, I have not even taken possession of my new Trophy at this time. 

Thanks for the help, Ken

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Warranty
« on: April 30, 2018, 01:50:49 am »
I bought a used 2017 from a dealer that does not sell Triumphs.  Will my factory warranty still cover this bike? 

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