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I just purchased a 2013 TTSE with 12K miles. The dealer (Triumph/Kawasaki/Yamaha) recommended adding a few ounces of Yamalube to the gas. I didn't question it at the time, but does anybody else regularly use additives? This is not including any stabilizers for storage or occasional injector cleaning additives like SeaFoam?

I've found topics here regarding Ethanol gas, but haven't found much mentioning this product specifically.

They didn't say it was necessary just a "hey if really want to..." sort of thing. The recommended amount was about 2-3oz per 5 gallons.

I might give it a shot but if the cost of one is as high as Amazon's price ($26 for 12oz), I may think twice.

I'm looking at a used 2013 TTSE for sale. All the major recalls and TSBs are done except the head replacement; ECM, gas tank, center stand, etc.
The bike is at a Triumph dealer (not the original). I spoke to someone at Triumph Customer Service. They said they would honor the warranty but "prefer the original owner" to make the claim.
If the bike is good in every way but the head TSB, would a dealer be willing to perform the service before I purchase the bike, as in "I'll but it but I want the TSB done before delivery."

I'm not the best at negotiating with dealers. I hate the process of buying vehicles, new or used. When a dealer performs a TSB like the head replacement, do they eat the costs? Are the refunded by the factory? If they don't want to perform it, does that give me additional bargaining options on price?

I would like to know I'm not buying a time bomb. I know the issue may not blow up an engine but I don't want to flinch at the smallest sound? Is the dealer hoping they can pass off they bike without performing the upgrade?

Note: this can be moved to another section if need be. It's related to the Engine Upgrade TSB and thought it may help if anybody is in my position later.

New Members / Potential new owner - Hi
« on: June 16, 2019, 04:17:13 PM »
Hello everyone,
Great to see such an active forum for this bike. I'm looking at upgrading from a 96 BNW r110r to a touring bike. I commute for work and the extra bits will make my trip much better (heated stuff, fairing, cruise control, etc).
Since I currently have a BMW, I always looked at RT models as my next purchase. I come across articles and videos comparing the Trophy to the RT. Found one near me so I thought I'd test ride it.

I was impressed. It felt quite nimble and I appreciated the steady torque compared to the BMW's grunt.
When looking for to replace a car or bike, I tend to do a lot of research and comparisons. It takes me forever. With the bike I tested, part of me just wants to pull the trigger and be done with it. I don't mean this in a bad way, I haven't found a reason NOT to enjoy the Trophy.

Here's the bike I found. Dealer says they have all or most of the maintenance records.

Is there anything I should look for when search for a used Trophy? If things work out, I may be on this forum more often.

Thanks in advance!

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