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Tyres and Wheels / Shinko Verge 2X going on..
« on: September 06, 2018, 03:16:21 pm »
So far used stock Angel ST ( short life ), PR4 ( OK ), RoadSmart II's ( less OK ), Avon Storm ST XM ( best tires EVER, almost 11,000 miles, handled well up to the wear bars ).

But... Using Shinko's on my Africa Twin and very pleased with wear and performance.

Maybe apples to oranges, but decided to try a set of Shinko Verge 2X on the TTSE.

They are much less expensive than the Avons.. Much...   So worth a try...

Mounted and balanced them yesterday.  Raining, so no test ride yet..   

Will report as I ride them south to Arkansas this next week...

( By the By, I did try Avons on the Africa Twin, and the rear was down to the cords in 4600 miles!!!  So this could backfire on me.. (:> )

Tyres and Wheels / Avon 3D Storm X-M Radials Review
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:14:19 pm »
Ran front and rear Avon Front 3D Storm X-M Radials

Most of the usage was pretty vigorous, running the twisties in the Hill Country of Texas and in Northern Georgia.  Probably 25% touring solo with full camping gear.  Maybe 10% 'just riding'.

Got 10,805 miles - front could have gone perhaps another 500 just about to kiss wear bars.  Rear into wear bars.

Handling was fantastic through the life, better than any other tire I've run in the last 25% of useful life..  Surefooted in the rain, made the TTSE feel like a 250 in the corners...  Impressive...

Put on another set today....   

72000 miles on my 2013 TTSE.  I hear a whump-whump-whump sort of sound at about 40 miles per hour from the final drive area.  After a long ride in 80-degree temperatures the Final drive is very hot on the exterior, but not so hot you have to pull your fingers away. Checking for play by grasping the edges of the wheel, I seem to feel a very small bit of rocking play, just a tiny bit. I drained the oil and there was no debris on the magnet of any sort, just the normal tiny bit of sludge, the oil was very clean. 
I'm in ex-R1150RT BMW owner, experienced two failed final drives on that machine so maybe just a bit gun shy.  Can anyone verify this is either normal, or a problem.?

Accessories and Products / Knight lowered pegs...
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:29:30 pm »
Wish I'd known about these when they first came out... Helps an old guys knees a lot.

I'd removed the rubber from the pegs a long time ago, helped some, but these are another notch of improvement. 

Haven't hit 'em in a corner yet, I still corner pretty aggressively ( not like 10 years ago, that's for sure ), so doubt that will be an issue.

I do wish they also were a bit forward, and am going to recomment to Knight they consider that.

Lowered the brake and shifter no worries.  Brake side is easier as posted here, but be sure and adjust the brake light switch as well, if you do not your brake light will be on always and the cruise will not work.   I lowered the pedal to the max available, and it is just right.

The shift side is doable without removing the fairing.  Remove the lowermost fairing 'fixing', remove the seat and left side cover.  Pop off the 'infill panel' by the power plug.  Remove the fairing bolt underneath.  Now, if you pull out gently on the the fairing you can just get an allen wrench in to remove the front 'fixing' on the shifter adjustment cover.  Stuff some clean rags around it so it doesn't fall into the bowels of the fairing.  Support the rear wheel with a block, and remove the 'fixings' holding the footpeg mount.  One is the rear subframe mount, with a nut on the inside of the frame, that's why you block the tire up.

Now the shifter rod is exposed.  On my bike the upper nut is right-hand thread, and the lower is left-hand thread.  At some point the rod will fall out so be careful, it might be difficult to get back together.   I dropped mine maybe 3/16" on the shaft, fitting the footpeg plate by hand and eyeballing the shifter position, and locked it down when it looked good, the shifter position works well enough there.  Be sure an tighten the nuts snugly and lubricate everything.   Good time to check for slop in the u-joint too. And to make sure your shifter lever bolt is ok, some have had them break off.  Mine is fine, I shift gently... (:>

Didn't take any pics, sorry...

Tyres and Wheels / Avon Storm 3D X-M - Grand!!!
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:16:13 pm »
I have put about 1300 miles on these tires on my '13 TTSE.  Best tires yet.  Excellent straight line stability, impeccible handling, will way outperform ME....  If the mileage is there I doubt I'll switch again.  Previous favs were PR4's, these handle a bit lighter, corner better.   I'm interested in how they will perform in rain, hasn't happened yet so jury is out on that, PR4's were very confidence inspiring in the rain.... Had Roadsmart II's on previous, good tires, but a bit squiggly in the wet...

Tyres and Wheels / Roadsmart II report after 9,300 miles
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:45:29 pm »
Just changed out Dunlop Roadsmart II's for Avon 3D Storm X-M's.

9,300 miles.  Pics attached of wear. 

Front is totaly shot, rear appears to have 500+ miles left it it but I was surprised to find it is extremely thin in the middle, and in reality totally shot too.

I run 38psi front, 42 psi rear nominally, adjusting if weird wear patterns appear ( 36psi front has always lead to cupping ).

I found the RSII's to be less than optimal riding straight-line.  They have a sort of 'riding on a knife edge' quality about them, not un-nerving but not rock-steady either. 

Corner handling was very good, perhaps a bit quick to turn in, but good, and also the handling did not degrade as much after 3/4 wear as most tires do, in fact, it hardly changed.  Most tires begin to 'fight back' on technical roads when well worn, but the RSII's didn't do so...

I rode PR4's for about 4 changes, liked them very much, but decided to try some different shoes to see what's improved.  Don't care for Bridgestones, decided to switch to Avons.   Used them before on my R1150RT, best handling tires ever, but life was a bit short.  Hoping the X-M's live up to their name.  So far, over a few hundred miles, the 3D Storm X-M's are exceptional!!! 

Posted about this last Spring:,5829.msg72738.html#msg72738

2013, 62,500 miles.

Worse this year as I just trailered the TTSE down to Texas from Northern Wisconsin...

Loaded it in the trailer in November.. Started right up, ran fine, no issues.

Unloaded it today, fired it up, Low Pressure light lit and warning on LCD immediately.  Several restarts, no change.  Last year the bike ran a few miles before throwing the light, did it about 3 times ( I immediately killed the engine and coasted to a stop, no light on restart ), and never again after that all year, 20K+ miles.

There is no sound of oil starvation, no rattles, all seems ok except for the light and warning.

Anyone else had this issue, and recommendations or solutions??

Many Thanks!!

2013 TTSE, 52030 on the odo.  Started her up today 1st time this year ( I was on an extended snowbird adventure just got back in town ).   

Bike has been in winter storage since late November last year.

Fired right up as always, sounded normal.  All systems working properly.  Temps in the high 60's F.

Left the garage, about a mile out the red oil pressure warning on the tach illuminated.  I immediately killed the engine with the kill switch.  No warning on the LCD.  Coasted to the side.  Verified the oil level was correct.  Restarted, no warning light. Engine sounded perfectly normal.

About another 2 miles, same thing.  Same action, same result. 

Made a stop, bike sat about 30 minutes.  Restarted all normal.  About 3 miles, same thing, same result.

rode another 30 miles, no more warnings occurred.

Engine never sounded oil-starved.  No LCD warning.   Performance nominal.

this has never happened before.

Going to hook up the DealerTool in a bit and see if there are any codes.

Anyone else ever have this happen???

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