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Accessories and Products / RDL Seat on Ebay
« on: August 02, 2019, 12:58:05 PM »
There is a Russell Day Long on ebay that is built for a 6'2" rider at 220 lbs is anyone is interested.  Unfortunately I need the Sport version they make for shorter riders, so I need to get a used low seat to be able to send them when I have the money to buy a Russell.

Found this thread on one of the ummm, you know the brand forums about how it should have been done:

This is constructive criticism for any BMW employee reading this. Not in any particular order.

1. Black lits for handle bars

2. Improved BLUETOOTH

3. LED lights in side panniers

4. FIX left pull (hush up for people that say they dont have it)

5. That fu#$kin rivet plug (you guys know what I am talking about whos taken off there side panels.) get rid of it.

6. That retarded GPS system you got going on. It reminds me of plugging in a 32X in a Sega Genesis. Integrate like Honda.

7. Better amp/speakers (darn it just redo the whole thing it's crap) fire alpine or give them a bigger budget dam it.

8. I know you guys have emission laws but can you make fuel maps for BMW of America exports only god dam?

9. Fix the windscreen! @80+MPH the bike starts swaying side to side its even worse when you have those air dams open on the sides. I am going to say it. its scary as poop for me and im not afraid to admit that. I am by no means some wheelie genius or expert rider. But I did attend 3 MSF courses and stayed at a holiday inn =)

10. Fire the guy thats picking the ugliest colors for your bike ASAP!

11. Signal lights on side mirrors

I think number 1 was meant to be Back Lights, on switches I suppose.

The first response:

"Sounds like maybe you should sell the bike and get something else to suite your needs. I love mine and have no left pull at all. My Nav VI works great!"

Man these guys can get mean!!  There were a number of things added to the list by other members on this forum.  And we think
some owners are critical of the Trophy!!

Time Out - General Chat / We think Triumph has problems II
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:04:55 AM »
This has started appearing on the big K bike forum:
The K16GT performed perfectly during my 11 day ride around the U.S. However, on my return ride home, and after 10,000 miles, I noticed what sounded like pebbles in a bag being shaken when I pulled the clutch lever in and coasted to a stop. It didn't sound "right", but the noise wasn't present while riding. That changed 300 miles later when suddenly there was a horrible clanking noise from the rear end. Fortunately there was an exit offramp nearby. As I was slowing to enter a parking lot, the rear wheel seized.

I suspect the driveshaft or universal joint failed. I thought drivetrain issues were resolved with the K1600s? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember reading about a K16 driveshaft failure on the forum. My first thought is whether the driveshaft is removed and splines lubed during 18,000 mile services? If not, that would be a contributing factor to the failure. 

And then another post about it:
Not an unheard of problem. Meese just had his fail last week, Marc11 had his fail a few months ago, MountainGT had his fail about 18 months ago, heckoch had his fail a few years ago, I had mine fail 6 years ago..

This regarding service intervals:
Not that I've heard of. The U-joints in the driveshaft don't have lube points. You can disassemble and lube the splines but failure is usually of the U-joint.

And finally, this:
When I was considering going to BMW I was researching maintenance and stuff, one of my buddies who is a GSA rider and an excellent mechanic that works with me suggested 80k miles as a driveline service timeline. Either replace the driveline or u joints. I understand BMW doesn't offer u joint as a part, but they can be sourced somewhere.

Pictures wouldn't show up here, but trust me they were kinda ugly.

Looks like according to all the UJM bike owners accounts that the only bikes without reliability problems are the UJM's, huh?
Unfortunately, they're all the Universal Japanese Motorcycle with no difference in character, lack of some attractive equipment, or, for me, the all important seat height!  Guess I'll just live with the Trophy for as long as it lasts!!

A Triumph owner good friend of mine is moving to Dublin, Ohio as of June 17th to be back home and nearer to family, and probably would be grateful for the opportunity to ride in that area with a good natured Trophy owner (aren't we all).  This guy owns a new model T120 Cranberry, and a 1946 that he has rebuilt into a little bit of a modified ride due to the fact it was not anywhere near original when he bought it, and a '72 (I think) as well, a Porsche 911 and his wife (Irish, and a jewel) has a Porsche Cayenne.  He's retired now, from being the COO of Valero Petroleum, and is a really down to earth nice guy and has a lot of motorcycle miles under his belt from his Harley days.  I'm attending a farewell dinner for them in the neighborhood tonight and I'll get with him about some good contact information to pass along to anyone who's interested in making a new riding friend.  :821:

On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Scrambler 1200 at the Rally
« on: May 15, 2019, 02:38:03 PM »
Per Webbike World, Ernie Vigil finished 5th in a field of 13 at the Mexican 1000 Rally on an unmodified Triumph Scrambler 1200 against mostly dirt bikes.  He completed the 5 day 1347 mile rally in 25 hours 37 minutes.  It had custom paint and was numbered 278 in honor of Steve McQueen's ISDT number.  The only failure was a front tire!  Pretty good for an unmodified machine.  :028:

FYI.  Just got an e-mail from Sena and they are offering factory refurbished 20S Evo and 30K headsets at $179 and $199 US respectively with full 2 year Sena warranty.  Pretty good buy, I paid much more than that for my 20S Evo.

On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / DAANNNG!!! How about the new Thruxton TFC
« on: January 25, 2019, 01:08:07 AM »
OH MY GOODNESS!  Have you ever seen such gorgeous lines since the old Nortons!

I think I finally found the solution for the right angle valve stems on the pressure sensors that are subject to breakage by anyone replacing a tire that is careless damages them.  JP Cycles has the aluminum ones for an 8mm hole (which I'm pretty sure ours is, since a good stem that screws into one is 8.06mm), and they're only $2.96/ea.  So now if you have an extra set of sensors that are the type that can be opened up and have tabbed CR2032 replacement batteries soldered onto the leads from the circuit board and/or someone breaks a valve stem, you can fix the problem.  I have an extra set of sensors because of just such a scenario, and I'll get fresh batteries for a set and when I have tires changed I'll have them put the replacement sensors in with fresh power and never have the low battery issue.  My dealer doesn't charge to program the sensors if they mount tires, and they match online prices on tires for me, so it's a no brainer.  I'll double check the stems when they come in next week to make sure they fit the sensors and if not I'll post a cautionary notice about them.  They just don't have the "Triumph" name on them.
Here's the link for you perusal:

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