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Accessories and Products / New heated grip kit available on Ebay US
« on: January 15, 2020, 11:54:39 PM »
Anyone interested may want to do a Triumph Trophy heated grip search on ebay.  There is a kit there for $179 US.

The "Best of British Tour" is going on and it would be really grand of we could have "Twisted Trophy" members show up for the factory event with their shirts on to show them what a huge international organization we are  :745:.  2slow is going to the Dallas event on the 16th, and I'm going to the San Antonio event on the 18th, and we will both be sporting our "2019 Southern Rock Tour" version "Twisted Trophies International" shirts to prove to Triumph just how great our devotion is to the Trophy.  Oh well, may not mean much, but it will be fun to see the look on their faces when they see us at 2 different stops and we have our own shirts.  How about looking up the tour on the Triumph USA website and showing up at your nearest event and help us out.

Riding Gear, Clothing, and Apparel / Trophy images for members use
« on: December 17, 2019, 01:49:22 AM »
I have 2 images so far in my photo album for public use, one is a profile of a black Trophy 1200 SE, and the other is the Union Jack.  I will upload others once the T-shirt printer has sent me the Silver Trophy profile, Blue Trophy profile, Blue Trophy head on, and one of the triangular Triumph Logo's, but I can't remember which version it is - there are a BUNCH through the Triumph history.  Feel free to take a look and use whatever I put there as you wish.
Ride Safe All,

I would like to offer Trophy forum members the opportunity to stay at our house in New Braunfels as an overnight stop on your trips at no cost to any member.  We have an extra bedroom with a queen bed for a couple and a sunroom with a daybed for one additional sleeping space (if you're short like me).  We have 2 Corgi devil dogs, and a cat named Gabby, (yes after the gymnast) that may or may not ever be seen.  Breakfast will be at my wife's discretion (she says yes, I say, lots of places close by, so no guarantees).  There are all the everyday fast food and national restaurants as well as some excellent local and one really exceptional steak house on the Old San Francisco or Ruth's Chris level really close by. New Braunfels is not that large, 15 minutes to go across town.  Availability of Space is limited so we need plenty of advance notice and the possibilty also exists that we will be travelling ourselves during your preferred travel dates.
Hope to see some of you soon!

I found these guys on the K1600 forum:

They sell 3M paint protection film for the big K and I looked on the website and they list the kit for the 2012 Triumph Trophy (should fit ours from the looks of the picture, I don't think any bodywork has changed since 2012), and the kit is 89 pounds.  May sound pricey, but it's the full kit including the tank kit.  They don't ship to the US, but the 3M film is outstanding.  I've used it before on the big K bike, and a lot of riders on that forum are very impressed with it for paint protection.

On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / We think Triumph has its problems lll
« on: October 15, 2019, 12:21:24 AM »
So now there is a recall on all 2016-2019 BMW K1600's for a shifter fork problem.  The saga continues.  After seeing the differing problems in the whole series, it looks to me as if the Trophy is much more trouble free so far, but of course they haven't actually BUILT as many Trophy's as BMW has the K1600 either.  I don't frequent and am not a member on any of the FJR or Concours forums so I don't know what the frequency of problems reported on those forums may be, but my Trophy is looking better all the time!  :028:

Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Best of British 2020 event
« on: October 14, 2019, 11:13:02 PM »
Multiple locations starting in November for the 2020 model shows for invitees.  You can register and find a stop and date here:

Some Locations to be announced later by e-mail to registrants.

Just saw on webbikeworld that Hertz now has BMW motorcycles for rent in Las Vegas and Riverside California in the US.  They also have BMW's for rent in Europe, along with guided tours, and riding gear available. You can now travel there without gear, ride, come home without gear.  :169:  I haven't looked at all the details, since I'm not doing one of those any time soon, but you can find them on the Hertz ride website if you're interested.

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