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mmlanes made it home safe!! We are all good

*Originally Posted by mmlanes [+]
I will be there.  It's looking like 4-4.5 hours including stops, so if i'm a little late, don't give up on me.

Let us know your back when you get home.

It was great to see everybody.
I donít know if Iím gonna be able to get use to all the Blue Trophies 😱.

So why is mine 2slow I think I can barely just out run a helicopter 🚁.

Iím home now is everyone else doing??

Woke up early to put an extra coat of wax on my Trophy 🏆 😎


*Originally Posted by Saddle Tramp [+]
You guys are killing me!
I wish I could join you, but...

Yep, thatís snow you see falling.  :164:

I know you will be there in spirit!

New Members / Re: New Texas Trophy SE Owner
« on: October 22, 2020, 06:46:50 pm »
I look forward to meeting you.

New Members / Re: New Texas Trophy SE Owner
« on: October 22, 2020, 05:07:47 pm »
Yaga1973. Welcome,, and Texas Trophy owners out number most places as we have Good taste!!

You should see if you can join us this Sunday.
Check the Events Meetings &Ride out section.  For Waco Lunch not at Waco now we have another Trophy rider from Houston coming.

Hwy 77 Cafe address is 1101 U.S. Hwy 77 Rosebud TX 76750 at 11am.
Think about it.  I hope to see you.

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