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Update 22/09/19 :

Triumph received my report on 17/09/19.

DVSA have also received my report, and after asking for a little more information have
completed their Review stage and have contacted Triumph requiring a response from them.

Some Good News is that Triumph do now seem to have acknowledged this as an issue,
even before receiving the report etc, as a modification has been made to the Wiring
where it exits the Ignition Switch, by enclosing it in a tougher plastic "shroud".

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have cured the problem as a Trophy I looked at today,
which had the Modified switch fitted at a Triumph Dealership just 5 days ago,
already shows signs of the new shroud being pulled out of the base of the Ignition switch,
with the individual wires visible, and I fear it will only get worse the more the bike is used,
until the wires get sliced apart again due to their close proximity to the Brake hose !

But it's a start, and until Triumph respond it would not be fair to comment further.

When they do respond I will provide another update and will consider
unlocking this Topic for further discussion.

pribus :

Any update ?

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Trophy Se top cases- usa
« on: Yesterday at 06:40:30 PM »
The SE Model is the only version that was supplied to the US Market.

The Top Box is an additional accessory for both the Standard and SE Models.

The Side Panniers are standard equipment on both Models.

Cheers  :821:

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: Very poor Radio signal.
« on: Yesterday at 06:37:55 PM »
Hi Wilko,

The other thing you can check is the Fly Lead that comes off the base of the Antenna
and disappears towards the headlamp - if you remove the Right Indicator surround panel
you'll see the end of that fly-lead connected to the Frame ( for the antenna Ground )
behind one of the Headlamp mounting bolts.

The Yellow Plug is for the US & Canadian Market that have the Satellite radio.
It is a "FAKRA" connector that plugs into a socket on the US Version of the Audio Unit,
and which is blanked off on the UK ( and Rest of the World ) Markets with that black square
blanking piece next to where the FM Antenna is plugged in.

The other end of the wire with that Yellow FAKRA Connector is underneath the left Mirror pod, mounted to the frame, and has a light grey coloured round end cap to it. 
The XM Satellite Antenna fly lead connects into it.

Cheers  :821:


Items Wanted / Re: Looking for a clutch part T1170114
« on: Yesterday at 10:28:09 AM »
This part is available at Triumph UK.

PM sent.


Items Wanted / Re: Looking for a clutch part T1170114
« on: Yesterday at 08:24:05 AM »
CANCEL THIS - Jus noticed it is being advertised as FAULTY 
and is also cracked ! Sorry !

It wil be a lot more money than you want to pay,
but there is a complte ( used ) Clutch on eBay in California,
which includes the part you need .....

( US $270 + Shipping ! )

Cheers  :821:

New Members / Re: New member says hello from Nottinghamshire UK
« on: Yesterday at 07:20:32 AM »
Hi Loxley,

This Forum is dedicated to the latest Trophy model ( 2012 onwards ),
although everyone is welcome here, and discussions on Triumph Models
other than the latest Trophy can ( and should - to avoid any confusion )
be held in this Section : "On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat"

Consequently , the availablity of our Members to help with advice, or spare parts will be limited.

There are also other Forums and Groups dedicated to the previous Trophy Model,
that you might find more helpful - Google " 3 & 4"
and Search Facebook for "Triumph Trophy 1991-2003"   :028:

On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Re: Overloading your motorcycle
« on: September 20, 2019, 08:14:29 PM »
Rather than resurrect an old Topic from 2014 when this was discussed previously,
I've copied my Post from that Topic which has the figures relating to the Trophy ( SE ) :

*Originally Posted by Coconut [+]
A few figures for you :

My ( UK ) Owners Handbook states that the Wet Weight of the bike is 301 Kg ( 633 lb ),
but it DOESN'T say what that includes  - It would be really useful to know this,
because although my Trophy is an "SE" model and the figures quoted are from the SE Handbook,
my bike was a "Launch model" and included a few extras such as the Top Box, Sliding carriage,
taller screen, Heated grips and seats, TPMS, which may not be included in the quoted wet weight figure ???

I "think" it includes the weight of the empty panniers, as they are standard equipment,
but not the Top Box, or the sliding carriage that the Top Box is mounted onto, and the other "extras".

There is a further note in the Specifications : "Maximum Payload = 239 Kg ( 526 lb )",
( 22 Kg more than the BMW R1200 CS Adventure referred to in the below article  :007: )
making a total Gross maximum weight of 540 Kg, and a note elsewhere to
"Never exceed the Maximum Vehicle Loading Weight of 239 kg (526 lb).
This maximum loading weight is made up from the combined weight of the rider,
passenger, any accessories fitted and any load carried."

At first that seems to be a reasonable allowance - however .....

Load wise you can carry 10 Kg in each pannier, 10 Kg in the Top Box, 3 Kg in the Tank Bag ( if you have one ),
1.5 Kg in the Glove box and 0.5 Kg in the under seat storage box ( SE Model ),
making 35Kg total in those storage areas. 

That leaves 204 Kg for the rider, AND pillion AND everything else.

If you figure a rider and pillion weighing 90 kg each - which isn't excessive these days when you
include their leathers, boots, and helmets, you're left with 24Kg for the various accessories you've bought,
which will include the Top Box & Sliding carriage, Tank Bag, "Crash Bars", those heated seats & grips,
Alarm, Lock, Sat Nav & Bracket, and any other little goodies that you've bought - they all add up !

Some owners have added racks to the lid of their top boxes for additional load capacity,
and if riding two up, with all the stowage capacity maxed out, it must be getting close to the limit   :033:

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