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New Members / Re: New Member
« on: Today at 04:49:39 pm »
Hi Uncle Milt, and :400: to the Club !

Edited to add : I recall one Member that reported a Headlight problem that was "cured"
by disconnecting the Main Battery for half an hour then reconnecting it !
It's not clear if this was total failure or just the Low Beams, but may be worth a try !

That fault may have been caused by an internal ECU error, and disconnecting the battery reset it !

See : Headlights not working

Definitely check both bulbs first -
The Low beam terminal is the central one,
and if you look at the terminals with the central one uppermost
the Ground terminal is on the left.

There should be continuity between the Low Beam and Ground terminals.
( And also between the High Beam and Ground Terminals )

If the bulbs are definitely both good, and there is no power at the Low Beam
Bulb connector ( with the engine running !  :164: ), then I would first suspect
a bad connection from the Handlebar switch.

This could be within the switch itself, that you may be able to access by
taking the switch cube apart to check, or may be due to a wire pulled out
from the connector on the end of the Handlebar switch wiring loom,
which is buried away on the left side of the frame needing the Fuel Tank
to be lifted to access it.

This Topic has further information regarding the wiring circuit,
although this was a total Headlamp failure, not just the Low Beam :

No headlamp - NOT the Ignition Switch Wiring Fault

Cheers  :821:

Tyres and Wheels / Re: Turn TPMS off?
« on: Today at 05:56:30 am »
Yes - DealerTool can do this.  :169:

If you already have a suitable Connection cable
then the free TigerTool software can also be used.

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: Radio Not Working - help needed
« on: Yesterday at 06:24:41 pm »
The Owners Handbook Page 36 explains that when the Main Battery is Low,
and "BATTERY LOW" is displayed on the Instrument Panel,
the Heated Grips, Heated Seats, Accessory Sockets and Audio System
( where fitted ) will be switched off to allow the charging system to charge the battery.

As the Stowage Box Power socket and USB Socket both have Power,
it does not seem as though this Low Power Saving Mode has engaged -
If you have Heated Seats and / or Grips you could try turning them on
( with the engine running - they don't work with the engine off ),
to see whether they work or not.

In any event, as originally advised, and also recommended by dietDrThunder,
this is something that the Seller should be taking care of.

If you can't get the seller to sort it, and after all the checks it looks like the Audio Unit is faulty,
you could consider that the Audio System Manufacturer used to offer a repair service,
where you Mail in your Unit together with the Fee, and they Mail you back a refurbished one.

I don't know whether they still offer this service or not, which used to cost USD $395.00

Contact details : Radio Sound inc.
E Mail address  : 

In additionj to the cost, there is also quite a lot of dismantling to do, to get the Audio Unit out.

Cheers  :821:

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: Radio Not Working - help needed
« on: Yesterday at 07:53:06 am »
A couple of things you can check :

Have the engine running and see if the Radio will turn ON - by pressing the Volume UP Button.

If not, check whether there is any Power at the Cockpit Stowage compartment USB Port -
which gets its Power from the Audio Unit.

If there is a Sat Nav connected to the dedicated Sat Nav Power supply socket
( behind and below the left mirror pod ) similarly check if it is getting Power.

remove the storage box under the Rider seat ( 4 x Torx screws and lift it out )
to access the Audio Unit.  Check the Multi-Plug is pushed firmly in and latched in place.

Check the Fuse ( again ? ).

Disconnect the Main battery - leave for half an hour or more then reconnect it.

If you can get the Radio to switch ON, check the Software version
( although the Radio needs to be OFF to do this ! ) :

Radio Software Version :

Early US / Canada export models of the Trophy SE ( With XM Radio )
have / had a bug in the Audio Software that could allow the radio Unit
to stay switched ON after the Ignition has been switched OFF,
resulting in a drained main motorcycle battery.

An updated Software Version ( "1.04E" ) was released that fixes this problem,
and is available from authorised Triumph Dealers.

Anyone with the XM Radio fitted is advised to get the update !

You can easily check the Audio software version of your Trophy :

The Radio MUST be OFF when the Ignition is switched ON ....

Turn the Ignition ON ( but don't start the engine ) and check for "RADIO OFF" in the Display.
If it's ON, then turn it OFF ( Volume all the way down to Minimum, Mute and Off ),
Switch the Ignition OFF, then back ON again and confirm that "RADIO OFF" is now displayed.
Press and hold the "P" button until the "DIAGNOSTICS" menu is displayed.
Scroll to the S/W VERSION item, and press Select.

The Latest Version for US market is 1.04E -  you have anything earlier ( such as 1.04A )
then get your authorised Triumoh Dealer to update it.

If all of the abive fails, then ittls backto the Seller to get them to sort it.

Cheers  :821:

New Members / Re: New member
« on: January 20, 2021, 08:42:44 am »
Hi OutbackKiwi and :400: to the Club !

Download the Attachment(s) from the first Post in this Topic :

How To Use TigerTool V3.1 Service Utility Software

Cheers  :821:

Time Out - General Chat / Re: So, what do you do for a living?
« on: January 19, 2021, 07:41:44 am »
No plans to do that !

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