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Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Denali lights
« on: Today at 07:48:49 AM »
That's strange.

How and where are they wired in to your Trophy ?

So now we can start a thread about the new rumored Tourer.

I wouldn't bother unless it is backed up by named reliable sources.

Previous similar unfounded Rumours have not gone down well on the Forum.  :110:

New Members / Re: Hello from SE USA (Alabama)
« on: Today at 07:42:11 AM »
Hi SrAlaRider and :400: to the Forum !

Cheers  :821:

A brief glance is not a proper check!

While I generally agree with that, without actually seeing what the condition of the wiring is,
I would find it difficult to condemn the Dealership.

If they were able to see the Wiring loom chafed with bare wires visible for example,
which is entirely possible and feasible, then there would be no need to check further.

The main thing here is that a potentially dangerous situation has been "caught"
BEFORE it was dangerous, which is the whole point of the Safety Recall !  :169:

It would seem that Triumph will generally just replace the complete Ignition Switch,
rather than repair the damaged wiring.  A repair is quite possible by someone that
knows how to Solder, but sadly these days such skills are not always available
in this modern world of "Plug and Play" components.

As for changing the other locks in the Panniers and Top Box,
so that you only have one key for all of the locks,
it is possible, but it is quite difficult, and the Dealer is correct to warn
that the Locks might need to be drilled out, which CAN damage the plastic lock cylinders,
needing a complete replacement of the Pannier ( or Top Box ) Base.

It may well be worth entering into a discussion with Triumph After Sales
to see if they would be happy to pay a proficient Auto Electrician to carry out a repair
to your damaged wiring - if the Dealer is unable to do so, which may end up costing less
than replacing the complete Ignition Lock assembly !

Let us know how you get on !

Cheers  :821:

If you haven't already done so, it would be worth removing the Brake Pads
to make sure they aren't worn downto below the Service limit -
which could be expensive if you end up with metal on metal and trash the Discs !

There might also be a piece of grit or other crud that has been trapped in the Caliper
or on the surface of the pads, causing the noise whem the brakes are applied.

It's not a big job to remove and check them. ( Don't forget the rear brake pads too ! )

Cheers  :821:

All you need now is a nice Poster on the Garage Wall
to welcome her to her new home, and you’re all set !

Cheers  :821:

Under normal braking conditions, i.e. without
the ABS activating, you shouldn’t hear a thing
and the brakes should be as smooth as silk.

If the ABS is kicking in you will hear and feel
the “hammering” as the ABS system rapidly applies
and releases the pressure to the brakes. 

As for those cables - do you have a Garmin Sat Nav cradle fitted ?

They could be some of the connectors for that -
Microphone input on a small ( 2mm ? ) Jack Plug,
Audio Output on a larger 3.5mm Jack Plug,
and USB Audio Input.

Photographs might help with their identification.

Cheers :821:

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