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Gorget to buy the studded ones? :745:

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« on: Today at 02:30:53 pm »
 :400: to the forum.

Exactly the ones I looked at, and if I'm not mistaken Timken has a line (or division) of foreign made bearings for not so critical service.  I think I'll buy mine from the locally owned bearing house since they helped me out with propietary bearings on a clear ice maker pump and saved me a difference of over $350 for the cost of a new one vs buying bearings which weren't even supposed to be replaced.  Typical, "no, don't waste time fixing the seized pump just replace it".  Nothing to lose to try and take it apart as far as I was concerned. :028:

« on: Yesterday at 10:17:20 pm »
All the Twisted Trophies members should be aware that I met and rode with new forum member YAGA1973 earlier today and he is the newest member of the "Twisted Trophies".  Now there are 2 of us in one town!!!!  New Braunfels will never be the same, and I can always tell the officer it must have been the OTHER blue Trophy he saw speeding last week! :745:

I did find exhaust manifold studs the right thread pitch each end, but not sure about the strength.  No rating listed on them, and dimensionally not an exact match on the lenth either.

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« on: Yesterday at 10:05:48 pm »
 :400: to the forum.

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 :400: to the forum for the "new" Trophy 1200 SE produced from 2012-2017.  If you are looking for something in particular on the previous version Trophy, you might try the Triumphrat forum that has a dedicated section for earlier Trophies.

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« on: Yesterday at 01:14:17 pm »
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