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Thanks for the update ( so far ! ).

Quite a drastic, but understandable solution to your Tour !

It will be interesting to hear what the Dealer finds.  :169:

Cheers, and Stay Safe - Whatever you ride !  :028:

Maintenance/Inspection sheet attached.  I was originally going to do my own 10k service, but had a few warranty items needing attention and decided to do tire replacement at the same time, so I had it done at a (multi-brand) Triumph dealer about 100 miles from home.  Had a Triumph dealer in the area that I bought the bike from, but they quoted a ridiculous price for the 10k service, tires, and time frame to complete.  That was a bit over two years ago and if I recall correctly, the 10k service part of it was right at $650.  The quote you have is close to the cost of the 20k service on mine done at an independent (and good) shop - plus a bit extra for some additional work.
New Members / Re: New Trophy SE Owner
« Last post by Stoney on Today at 03:58:42 AM »
Welcome to the gang!  Enjoy your new bike & ride safe!

New Members / Re: New Trophy SE Owner
« Last post by Dad on Today at 03:06:25 AM »
New Members / Re: Trophy shopping
« Last post by Dad on Today at 03:00:45 AM »
Congratulations on your purchase. Here to many many safe and happy miles
Items for Sale / Re: Triumph tank bag
« Last post by coastalisland on Today at 02:42:33 AM »
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / 10k mile service and costs
« Last post by Pits on Today at 01:40:28 AM »
I just hit 10,000 miles and called the local (nearest) dealer about service. Making a long story short he told me about $850 and if I wanted they could change the brake fluid for an additional $150. I did not make an appointment, and furthermore he said I could drop the bike off and get it back in a week. I thought that is ridiculous. He also said something about needing the computer to reset the brakes. Besides changing oil, coolant and whatever else what does the 10k service consist of? I had a BMW in the '90's and it came with an inspection schedule and checklist. There was a level I and a level II maintenance, and everything involved was listed. I asked him to email me a list of the services, and he told me that he does not have a file, but could possibly take a picture of the list and email it to me. Really? Can anyone tell me of their experiences with a 10k miles checkup? That's a lot of money to be vague about what is being serviced.
New Members / Re: READY TO UPGRADE
« Last post by woodydel on Today at 12:48:39 AM »
Thanks for the excellent critiques. I will have to find a 2013 nearby to test fit my legs. I'm challenged with leg reach already and backing up even a slight incline is next to impossible. Even pushing forward makes me self conscious grabbing for the ground with my feet.

The list is impressive and the only thing on the list on my current Trophy is the heated grips. Looking at pictures simply did not translate into being a bigger bike.

This is my current Trophy. She is still fast and handles great with or without bags. Like the newer Trophy one key for everything.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Re: EBC Brake Rotors
« Last post by trophied on Today at 12:07:46 AM »
From the EBC website the front sportbike "VEE" rotors are
On ebay from a US seller for $120/ea
These are blue hub, and BLK (black) GLD (gold), and RED are the suffixes for different colors.  Didn't check availability on other colors than blue.

Standard MD817X Street rotor (Gold hub only on their website)
On ebay from a US seller for $213.69/ea

MD817XC Wavy rotor (Gold hub only on their website)
On ebay from a US seller for $223.20/ea

I don't see a problem.
Hope this helps.

The same person that does that connection also "gorilla fists" the shifter and brake pivot bolts. :745:
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