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*Originally Posted by ade52 [+]
Sorry brother trophians, I may not have been very clear in my earlier post. The images of 13 differant coloured trophies coconut posted earlier in this post. bike 7 (I think) is red and white with red on the lower fairing mirror pods and lower pannier lids and wheels. I can't make my mind up between the same style in red and silver or British racing green and silver (maybe lighten the green a bit). I would like to keep the silver as the paintwork on the bike is good and does not need painting unless something happens between now and next winter as it is a winter project. I think British racing green would look good. Your comments appreciated please.

British Racing Green is my long term car favourite and being a Land Rover, it really suits it. Iím a bit disappointed by the photo of the BRG Trophy in the earlier page as it looks too dark there.

Did you get any further with your deliberations?
Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: Speakers
« Last post by Coconut on Today at 07:18:47 PM »
Canes1 :

Those "push rivets" aren't the original Triumph Trophy parts !

The correct Triumph Part is T3701121 - "Rivet, Plastic, Screw Type"

The Button shaped Head of the "Rivet" takes a cross head screwdriver,
and can be gently unscrewed from the expanding insert.

HINT : A gentle push from the other side helps to unscrew it
without damaging the plastic cross headed screwdriver slots.  :028:

Tyres and Wheels / Re: Avon Storms
« Last post by RedMerle on Today at 07:12:02 PM »
*Originally Posted by RedMerle [+]
Iíve sent a question to Avon about it and asking if this is still the case and if thereís an overwhelmingly good technical reason for it.
One of the good things about dealing with Avon always used to be that I could ultimately phone up the factory and ask a question like this (a bit like Triumph used to be). Iíve had to send in an enquiry via the website. Iíll see if I get a reply and let you know  :028:

Hereís the answer that came back from Avon:

Thanks for your enquiry.
Our Sport Touring ranges (Storm 3D XM & Spirit ST) have a tread depth of 4mm on the fronts and 8mm on the rears.
The main reason is for handling, stability and improved wear. The deeper the grooves, the more the tread will flex. Also generally a front lasts through 2 rears.
For info the Michelin Sport Touring tyres have a front depth of 4.5mm and rear of 7mm
Hope this helps
Avon Motorcycle Technical

They have a point. Iíve just checked the Avon tyres on the Tiger; thereís not a lot of meat left, but the tyres should expire at about the same time. Meanwhile, the Michelinís on the Trophy arenít far behind, with front and rears also due to expire at the same time.

Consequently, Iíve given Avon another go and paid £149.99 for a new pair on the Ďbay.
Time Out - General Chat / Favourite Beer Thread
« Last post by RedMerle on Today at 07:00:59 PM »
I was just ordering a little beer this afternoon and it got me thinking of my favourites  :001:

I had a very pleasant evening drinking Youngers No 3 one night, when I was at college and Iím always keen on some Theakstonís Old Peculiar. Used to enjoy Hobgoblin, but that seems to have gone downhill of late. Off at a bit of a tangent, Thistly Cross Cider (fermented in Whisky casks!) is very nice.

Iíve heard that Lancaster Bomber is good, but Iíve not tried any yet. But, it got me thinking, does anyone else here have any favourites to recommend trying?...
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Front LED Marker Lamps
« Last post by Canes1 on Today at 06:53:17 PM »
*Originally Posted by dandrumheller [+]
I suspect (though could well be mistaken) that you would somehow need to run "always on" power to the lamp socket in the front for the white DRL function on these.  Many of us here have used this setup instead - easy install and already configured for easy running of the always on power for DRL function.

Does the rear lighting require any modifications in order to operate as they should, using these lights?
Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: Speakers
« Last post by jid on Today at 06:07:04 PM »
That rivet is actually a plastic screw. I could not use an Allen wrench on it. I just grabbed some needle nose pliers and turned it and it worked fine.

I do not have the additional screws in mind that were mentioned above regarding turn signals. Not sure why.

Glad you were able to tear into it!
New Members / Re: New Essex Trophy member
« Last post by Canes1 on Today at 06:01:14 PM »
 :401: to the forum!
Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: Speakers
« Last post by Canes1 on Today at 05:56:25 PM »
Appreciate the help guys. Know we got a little off topic with gps but, did get speakers installed and majority of gps. Just have to connect  wiring, route, make sure everything works, then button things up!

Only variant I ran into and not in the "How to's" didn't mention some type of push rivet holding the top ( black plastic ) mirror housing, which is part of the dash. I had to cut end of rivet and will replace with nut and bolt.

Rivet is seen sticking through, near the top of the pic.

My bike has been lowered for 5 years now and I just carry a 10 inch piece of a 1x6,  with a beveled edge, in the pannier.  When I need to put it on the centerstand I put it in front of the back wheel then roll the bike onto it and lean it on the side stand.  Then it is easy to put the bike on the center stand without a permanent modification.  Also, it keeps the wheel up higher front or back if you need to rotate the tire to find a puncture to plug.

Just my thoughts.

Ride Safe,
Thank you Coconut!
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