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Items Wanted / Re: Looking for a clutch part T1170114
« Last post by tdragger on Today at 07:25:51 PM »
Did you try Baxter’s?
Update 22/09/19 :

Triumph received my report on 17/09/19.

DVSA have also received my report, and after asking for a little more information have
completed their Review stage and have contacted Triumph requiring a response from them.

Some Good News is that Triumph do now seem to have acknowledged this as an issue,
even before receiving the report etc, as a modification has been made to the Wiring
where it exits the Ignition Switch, by enclosing it in a tougher plastic "shroud".

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have cured the problem as a Trophy I looked at today,
which had the Modified switch fitted at a Triumph Dealership just 5 days ago,
already shows signs of the new shroud being pulled out of the base of the Ignition switch,
with the individual wires visible, and I fear it will only get worse the more the bike is used,
until the wires get sliced apart again due to their close proximity to the Brake hose !

But it's a start, and until Triumph respond it would not be fair to comment further.

When they do respond I will provide another update and will consider
unlocking this Topic for further discussion.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Trophy Se top cases- usa
« Last post by sociald13 on Today at 04:38:24 PM »
Well how about that....all along I was thinking that the SE model had the top case standard......
Items Wanted / Re: Looking for a clutch part T1170114
« Last post by Cherokee48 on Today at 02:56:39 PM »
Unfortunately neither has it in stock and both say it is back-ordered with no projected date. Coconut has found one in the UK for me. As for delivery, I have never ordered from Hermy's but a recent order from BikeBandit for a pannier cover and front turn signal took about 15 days!
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Top box illumination
« Last post by Novocastrian on Today at 02:14:43 PM »
Cheap solution to provide light in the top box.  £2 at Wilkinsons. Press button to activate the light.

You can see how thin it is.

Bit of double-sided tape to hold it in place and Bob's your uncle.....

Could you just fit a switch between the feeds to the lights

I started playing around with circuit boards and have decided it's not my forte and I'm probably over complicating things.

However I do have a much simpler Plan B to flag that the lights are on. I'll write up a post when I have done it.
Your English is certainly better than my Dutch, I can't speak a word of it so I wouldn't worry about it. :002:

Look forward to your post about the major issue with the cam chain.
Hi, Maybe I used the wrong word (I’m Dutch, so not a native writer ;-))? With carter I mean the room behind the cover plate where the cam chain is running. The top bold is the only one which is not at the sides of the cover plate. At the sides there is room to put an aluminum ‘blob’ where the thread is cut in for the bolts that hold the plate. I guess the designers did’nt want such a blob at the top, because it would be right between the afterlaying cam chain left and richt side.. Too less room there?
Anyway, there’s oil wich can penetrate along the thread of the bolt to the outside. Therefore it’s blocked by the loctite.
I know this because I tried to use the same bolt again and broke it by half by tightening it. When I had a major issue last week, I had to remove it and luckily it was’nt fully broken, so I could get it out again... Then I asked myself the same question... I also thought what would have happened if the bolt really was broken and the inside part got further in? Was there a whole through? All teh other bolt had dead threads... And yes: the whole was thru... So the oil had to be stopped...
I write about a worn cam chain soon, because there is a major issue with it. Everyone needs to know about this. Until later!
*Originally Posted by Roles [+]
All other bolts have ‘dead’ threads. This one is the only one wich is directly connected to the carter behaind is. That means there is oil behing it wich can creep through the thread into the outside world
. Therefore there’s a oil blocking loctite on it. Not to secure it but to prevent it from leaking oil

Welcome to the forum, great first post, how come you know the answer to this particular question?

I don't understand what you mean by carter??

I understand that you are saying that the top hole is a through/open one but why would that be??
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