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*Originally Posted by Coconut [+]
I assume your Trophy is female ?  .....

Yes She is.  :152:
Bikes for Sale / Re: 2016 Trophy-PRICE REDUCED
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Price lowered
 :400: to the forum.  Great motorcycling history.  If you can get a test ride on a Trophy that will finally convince you.
Good on you to accentuate the positive, Traxx!  :460:

It is easy to concentrate on the problems inherent to a particular bike on a Forum like this, and overlook all of the good points. Although I have experienced some initial problems with my Trophy, the truth is, none of them have made me afraid to get on it and ride. That is why I have accumulated over 6,000 miles on mine since I bought it at the end of October.  :152:
A 2016 BMW R1200GS.
I Have ridden so many of the paved highways in the U.S. over the years, I figured it was time to start investigating the dirt and gravel “roads less traveled”. With the lower center of gravity of that boxer engine, and 120 or so less pounds of weight, I also enjoy the fact that it handles much better on twisty roads as well.

With all that said, nothing beats the comfort and weather protection of my Trophy when things turn dicey, as they often do in Northern Wisconsin.  :190:
1948 Harley Panhead.About as opposite as possible.
I've got a mildly tuned Honda 650 Bros (or Hawk in the States). This is my track bike, and country road blaster and it ain't half bad for a 30 year old bike (that I have owned for 24 years).

I've done more miles on the Trophy though...
I assume your Trophy is female ?  .....

She's so rock steady, bam-a-lam
And she's always ready, bam-a-lam      :152:

Hi timebak and :400: to the Forum !

That's a really interesting story - thanks for sharing.   :028:

Will the Dealer allow you to take a Test Ride on the Trophy they have ?

If so that will answer many of the questions you may have, and if you take your wallet with you,
then it's likely you will paying a Deposit as soon as you finish the Test Ride !

If there are any questions remaining after a Test Ride, you'll probably find the answers here.  :169:
( If not just start a New Topic, or ask a question in one of the current Topics ).

The Trophy is a fantastic machine, but ( like most Makes ) has had its share of problems,
the majority of which have since been addressed by Triumph.

You may be interested in this Topic that I pulled together from various Member's observations :
What to look for when Buying a Pre-Owned ( Used ) Trophy SE

Please also be aware, that just like any Forum, you will find lots of information about faults
and probems that Owners have had, and this can give a false impression -
the majority of Trophy Owners have Zero or very few problems at all,
but those are usually the ones that we don't hear from, as they have no need
to join a Forum just to tell everyone how happy they are !

As far as Forums go, this is definitely one of the most friendly and useful you will come across.  :001:

Keep us updated with your progress !  :152:

Cheers  :821:

Hi Jeffb, No I used cotton buds and solvent.
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