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On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Hurricane Dorian.
« on: September 07, 2019, 09:55:58 AM »
Our American members impacted by Hurricane Dorian please accept my sincere best wishes and hopes for a safe outcome for you all. The devastation that has landed on your doorstep is felt by all your fellow Trophy members worldwide. Stand tall and united against one of natures natural disasters.  :821: :821: :821: :158: :158: :158:

Tyres and Wheels / Michelin PR4 GT Tyre life.
« on: September 06, 2019, 01:58:50 AM »
I've just returned home [Monday night] from a 4,557 kilometre ride [see ride reports]. I asked my local tyre outlet to get me in a pair of Michelin PR4 GT for the Trophy prior to leaving. All good, two days later tyres waiting for me to turn up with wheels. Then I had a good look at the same tyres that were on the bike, would they last the trip, and if not no big problem to get something fitted whilst on the road.
   Well they not only lasted but if I was really keen I think I could squeeze another couple of thousand out of them. Sure the fronts cupped, but not overly, and the rear still has a fine centre line down the middle of the squared off tread.
  But as I said, maybe another thou or two. Here's the part I love, these PR4's have now done 17,443 kilometres of nothing under at least 300 kilometre rides. I'm impressed [some would say I'm easily impressed].
   Of the five sets I've had on these are the longest lasting.
                #1  Original Pirelli tyres fitted........9,686 Kilometres
                #2  Bridgestone Battle Ax.............8,908     "
                #3  Michelin PR4 GT.....................15,189   "
                #4        "        "    " .....................15,408   "
                #5        "        "    " .....................17,443   "

    On this trip I carried 5 litres of fuel in the left pannier, clothing etc. in the right, canvas bag containing, tools spares, compressor, tyre repair gear, litre of oil [never opened], siphon hose, tow rope, cable ties and of course, 100 mph race tape. this bag was strapped to the pillion seat. In the top box was only a small amount of gear, leaving room for my Warm and Safe Heated clothing when I removed it. The tank bag carried all the small items I needed close at hand as well as small food bars. On the right pillion peg was my 2.5 litre water container whilst the left pillion peg I had a bidon holder and bidon containing electrolyte drink.
    This gives you an idea of the weight on board. Not as heavy as a pillion but a bit of weight all the same.
    The only difference I made to tyre pressures on this trip was to have 38 PSI in the front and 44 PSI in the rear. The hottest they got to on the trip was 43 front and 51 rear.
     As I said above I couldn't be happier with the PR4 GT's but I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PR5 GT's. I know I could be fitting cheaper tyres but I feel it's false economy as in the case of the Bridgestone's I fitted second.
     Just my thoughts on tyres. I know were all different but I'd be interested to hear what you are fitting given you might do similar kilometres to myself. Cheers.  :821: :158:

Ride Reports and Touring / The free hamburger ride.
« on: September 03, 2019, 07:00:12 AM »
The wife enquired whether I was going to go to the FarRide at Turkey Beach, Queensland. Being suspicious I wondered why she wanted me away for the weekend. She intended attending a grand daughterís play in Melbourne and would stay an extra day. All good, no need to be suspicious.
   So a plan was put into action. Somewhere previously I had read that you plan the ride, and ride the plan. My plan was to complete a SS1600 IBA ride and also a FarRide 1000 kilometre as well.
    With an ATM docket showing 00:01hours 30th. August 2019 I headed for Melbourne and my ride to Yarroweyah for the first fuel stop for bike and self. A few days prior I had replaced the batteries in the sender unit of my Warm and Safe riding gear. I remembered there was a method of pairing the sender to the gear but didnít bother actually reading the instructions, first mistake. What I did failed, resulting in me spending the coldest morning, 0 degrees and below, of the year riding with only 30% heat coming through to the clothing, not the 90% I had programmed. Second mistake was not ringing a mate, Fatman, and asking the correct pairing method. I didnít want to wake him at that time of the night. We all need our beauty sleep.
   After 377 kilometres I refuelled bike and self at Yarroweyah 03:53 hours I then started on the Newell Highway North. Next stop was Parkes, 451 kilometres at 09:23 hours for fuel. By this time I had made the call requesting the pairing method. I was back to feeling nice and warm, or should that be Warm and Safe.
  My next fuel stop served two purposes. One, a fuel docket for my SS1600 and two my start docket for the FarRide. FarRides start at noon on a Friday and finish noon Saturday. After 277 kilometres at 12:24 hours I left Coonabarbran. The day was warming but my heated gear, though turned off remained on.
 After 343 kilometres I was into Queensland at Goondiwindi, fuelled  at 15:55 hours. As the light faded I focused on the ever present wildlife, mainly kangaroos. After 80 kilometres just south of Moonie I saw two small, metre high, roos on the side of the road. They just looked my way then hopped off into the bushes. Turning east I headed for Dalby and the finish of the SS1600 component of my ride.
 With the Trophy filled and my finishers paperwork signed by Sandra the fuel outlet manager at 18:08 hours after 208 kilometres. My SS1600 completed in 18 hours after 1656 kilometres just left me to book in at the motel just up the road and get something to eat. Immediately after leaving the servo I noticed three ladies operating a wood fired pizza outlet, thatís dinner taken care of.
 It was a short, two block walk from the motel for the pizza. With a large secured the pizza didnít make it back to the motel. Riding definitely makes you hungry.
 04:45 am. I was packing for the 471 kilometres to Turkey Beach to complete my FarRide. I had left the heated gear packed away as the day was warming to the expected top of 24 C degrees. A direct route through Kingaroy, Ban Ban Springs, Biggenden and Miriam Vale had me arriving at Turkey Beach at 11:15 am. Having completed 1021 kilometres from my start at Coonabarabran was more than required for a FarRide 1000.
Lunch was provided by Ghosty, FarRiderís owner. A great burger, with small side of pasta. Thanks again Paul. After what seemed only a short while I bade farewell and headed to Hervey Bay, and the night with friends. The only problem was Rob was in hospital after breaking his hip on the Thursday prior. He was still in a lot of agony after a pin insert when Pat took me to see him. His loss was our win. I had carried a nice bottle of red wine to enjoy with dinner.
 Sunday and I lingered over breakfast with pat. We had a lot to catch up on. Finally it was south to a little cafe run by ex world 500 GP racer Garry McCoy, aka Mr. Squiggle, look it up. His very nice cafe at Cooyar would make a great FarRide destination. Anyone listening, Ghosty. With great food and bikes to admire plus walls of memorabilia to take in, itís a perfect stopping place.
  With lunch taken care of and thanks for the years of entertainment I reluctantly got back on the road heading for Uralla further south into New South Wales for another, been there before, night at The Top Pub. With rooms for only $80 and a bistro serving great food why wouldnít I stop. With the wife not there to say no, I treated myself to crumbed lamb cutlets followed by sticky date pudding with ice-cream and whipped creamed. Who says a long distance rider has to suffer only servo food.
 Now you might remember reading at the start about planning the ride and riding the plan. Well this was where I changed the plan. Iíd originally planned to take a slightly longer route from Uralla to home but didnít want another night in a motel. So from Uralla it was south on the New England Highway to Tamworth, west to Coonabarabran, and home via the Newell Highway, again. The 110 kilometre per hour limit on The Newell would save a lot of time.
 The run over the range into Coona.  wore a bit of the tyre edges. Sorry Iím no different to the rest of you. From Coonabarabran it was a reverse of Fridayís ride. I wanted to make sure I got to my local servo before closing time at 21:00 hours as I like to park the bike with a full tank alleviating the chance of moisture accumulating in it. At 20:50 hours I was on the phone ringing the wife to open the side gate. Five minutes later the bike was cooling down in the shed after four good days riding. A SS1600 IBA ride of 1656 kilometres, a 1021 kilometre FarRide and a total of 4557 kilometres was more than enough for this older chap.

Ride Reports and Touring / Wife's first 1000 kilometre day.
« on: October 16, 2018, 01:28:55 AM »
     Saturday last was the last FarRide on the east coast in Australia for 2018. At the start of the year when the years rides became available my wife [Elwyn] said she might do this with me [pillion].
      We had discussed this at length and decided that the normal start time of midday on Friday wouldn't work as she doesn't finish work till 3 pm. She also added that we still had to ride home from the finish/luncheon venue, the small fishing town of Eden on the south/east coast of New South Wales. So we might just as well do the whole ride on the Saturday, up and back. 1000 kms. in the day.
       Up early [4.45 am] we had our starting docket, from the local ATM, at 5.45 am. My plan was to give Elwyn adequate rest stops both ways. The first stage was 160 kms. to our first rest/fuel stop in Bairnsdale. Via the Princes Hwy. and a couple of minor roads we arrived 15 minutes prior to my ride plan. All good. We had been joined by another couple who live about 25 kms. from us.
        With the extra time up our sleeve I stuck to the schedule leaving at 8 am. Now with 170 kms. to Cann River via the twisty Princes Hwy. again we picked up 15 mins. The final 110 kms. to Eden had us arriving at about 11.15 am., 15 mins. prior to book-in time opening. The Victorian part was in glorious sunshine but 30 kms. into NSW we had to contend with rain. I was glad I'd fitted new Michelin PR4 GT's on the Monday prior.  Half the ride completed, now the interesting/hard part, the longer return home. We left Eden at 12.45 pm. for the afternoon's ride.
         Because of the extra kms. to be done on the return, the route had us leaving the Princes Hwy. and heading to the coast to Cape Conran then Marlo before rejoining the Princes Hwy at Orbost. We'd already had a rest stop at Cann River and the next one was once again at Bairnsdale for fuel/rest/snack break.
         The Bengworden Rd. led us out of Bairnsdale [we'd ridden this road on the morning stage] before Elwyn and myself bade goodbye to our friends and continued south into Sale and  joined the South Gippsland Hwy. This road goes through a lot of forest and pine tree plantations, favourite areas to encounter kangaroos. Thankfully it was still daylight and none were seen.
         I stopped at the tiny town- garage, hotel and a few houses- of Woodside to give Elwyn a chance to stretch her legs and get a bit of "circulation" flowing through her backside.  Also an ice-cream was enjoyed as a sugar fix.
         From Woodside we only had about 130 kms. to our finish. As the light was fading I was concerned about wildlife between here and Loy Yang Power Station as the road passes through more bush and plantations. No problems apart from the setting sun for the westerly run up to Loy Yang. I hate riding into the setting sun, even with the tinted visor down on my Shoei Neo-Tech helmet.
         Rejoining the Princes Freeway at Morwell put us back into the 110 kilometre per hour zone [Australia'n highways are 100 kph. unless otherwise posted]. The problem of distance for the ride now reared it's ugly head. FarRides are a minimum of 1000 kms. and we would have to ride past home-Trafalgar- to get the distance.
         So waving goodbye to home we continued westerly to Warragul before retuning home. The finishing distance being 1004 kms. Enough to be recorded as a FarRide. I was extremely proud of the good wife, having sat behind me on the normal heated Trophy saddle [she doesn't want it altered or an AirHawk fitted] without complaining [not much anyway] for her first 1000 kms. day.  :821: :158:

Time Out - General Chat / Recharging.
« on: January 03, 2018, 12:00:52 PM »
Recharging. No not the bike, but me. Went for an easy 2 days riding in the high country of Victoria. Basically 1155 kms. of pretty well over 75 per cent of nothing but twisty roads. For those that might be interested. Started at home in Trafalgar at 5 am. yesterday and headed east on the Princes Hwy. [only real straight bit] to my old hometown of Bairnsdale.
  Then turned north into the mountains to Omeo [fuel], Anglers Rest. Glen Wills, Mitta Mitta and stopped for lunch at the Dartmouth Hotel. I have organised a FarRide [Australian long distance riding group] to this establishment for the 17th. February and I wanted to meet with the publican.
  From Dartmouth it was continuing on the Omeo Hwy. before right onto the Murray Valley Hwy. and into Corryong for night. About 550 kms. for the day. Nice and easy, recharging started.
  Leaving Corryong this morning I'd planned on more of the same as yesterday, bend on bend on bend. West on the Murray Valley Hwy. before left onto the Upper Gundowring Rd. and south down the east side of the Keiwa River. This road never fails to put a smile on my dial, sorry, face.
   A right at Gundowring then crossing the Keiwa River before a left onto the Keiwa Valley Hwy. before a right onto the Dederang - Yackandandah Rd. Following the power lines uphill it's like an uphill roller coaster ride, great. At the top it was left onto the Tunnel Gap Rd. for the run down through Mudgegonga and into Myrtleford.
   West onto the Great Alpine Rd. before left onto the Snow Rd. and on through Milawa [Brown Brothers Winery home town], Oxley before another left onto the Wangaratta - Whitfield Rd., passing Docker, Moyhu, Edi, King Valley [home to some great cool climate wineries], and finally Whitfield.
    A quick break to let the wife know my whereabouts and I was back into the sinuous uphill smooth bitumen to Tolmie before plunging down the southern side into the bustling holiday town of Mansfield.
    I'd planned on stopping for a quick bite to eat. But I did say it was bustling, maybe I should have said bursting. It was absolutely heaving with holiday makers, so there was no stopping for a sandwich. Out of town on the Maroondah Hwy. before left to Alexandra. Again I considered stopping to ward of the hunger pains but Alexandra was as bad as Mansfield.
   Now I was in get home mode and avoid the holiday traffic as best as I could. South to Healesville before gliding past more Yarra Valley wineries and onto Woori Yallock, Cockatoo, Gembrook, Packenham before turning onto the Old Sale Rd. [my favourite in this area] and on home through Robin Hood, Brandy Creek, Buln Buln, and finally home to Trafalgar.
   Top up the tank and trickle the 1.5 kms. home from the servo. The total for the two days was 1155 kms. Easy, enjoyable, and most of all, my batteries are now fully charged. Oh by the way, I haven't had my seat altered yet, and only need my Airhawk lightly inflated to get me through all my riding, whether it be easy two day jaunts, or longer multi days on the clock.
    Trusting that other members have the same ability to sharpen up their batteries in a  similar way  :821: :158:


Time Out - General Chat / Happy New Year
« on: December 31, 2017, 10:27:18 PM »
I wish every Forum member all the very best for 2018. May your riding always have sunny weather, the wind on your back and above all a safe return home to a welcoming cold lager.  :821: :158:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Xmas/New Year Greetings.
« on: December 25, 2017, 03:45:56 AM »
Myself and my wife would like to wish all our Forum friends the heartiest good wishes for Xmas and the New Year. :821: :821: Ride with care over the festive season and we look forward to more fun in 2018.  :821: :158:

Time Out - General Chat / Commiserations to all English members.
« on: December 04, 2017, 10:17:18 PM »
It was a brutal game, low scoring, only one try and convert, rugged defence, flashes of brilliance, a happy and sad ending, an intense final assault by a desperate English team. It was  an incredible game with only one team victorious.  Commiserations to all English members.  :821: :158:

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