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Warm weather with the Trophy 2-up
« on: June 13, 2021, 07:49:47 am »
After last summers debacle involving the recall and the dealer keeping Big Blue for close to three months (another story entirely) I am back in love again. I was fortunate I had other bikes to keep me occupied and while they are all enjoyable in their own way Team Blue is back on the road and we are loving it. Yesterday was over seven hours in the saddle, through Santa Fe, riding up to Bandolier National Park and beyond to Jemez Springs and back. Definitely got to enjoy four distinct climates and temps ranging from 77-95 Fahrenheit and five percent humidity. Riding two up and occasionally at a “spirited” pace :164: I filled up 299 miles into the tank and showing a range of 62 more miles. I have spent time and miles on several GS’s, RT’s and a K flying brick as well as others and there’s not a better bike I have found for the type of riding I do the most. Other motorcyclists have made disparaging remarks before about my bike being big and heavy, but it actually excels IMHO at both sports and touring. Recently I had the bags off and kept up with bikes with more sporty pretensions, she holds a line like telepathy in the twisties but I can still correct mid-corner without the chassis fighting me. I am also trusting the linked brakes more which actually makes me feel like I’m a better rider than I am. While the ignition switch/headlight kerfuffle dampened my enthusiasm I am now back in love. She is the best bike I have ever owned and probably my favorite, and besides the obvious loves like the engine, the range, and the reliability (mostly) I can’t understate that Big Blue fits me like a suit from Seville Row. She is a great dance partner. I look forward to updates from those of you with the earliest years model as they will be approaching their tenth birthday, while I might be a bit of a flirt I hope to keep the Trophy as my best gal for many more summers.
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Re: Warm weather with the Trophy 2-up
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2021, 09:28:00 am »
I still love my 2013 model after 8 1/2 years.
Would definitely have another.